Make Money Online In 3 Unique Ways That Work

You’ve probably heard a lot about how to make money online since the start of the internet history.

Some are to work, other some are craps or even scams. And that’s the way how it goes since then.

Despite of the distrust and discredit around on internet money-making schemes caused by unpleasant prior experiences that many have gotten, I will be going to share some genuine or the work-better money making ideas that will take place in somewhere you haven’t heard enough about so far.

So be ready and let’s take it away for “Make Money Online In 5 Unique Ways That Work”!

Make Money Online In 3 Unique Ways

  • Pay Per Download (PPD)
I bet this way is completely a new thing that no many are not to have heard about.

Pay Per Download also known as “PPD” or “PPD Network” is Kind of “File Storage Service” that host files uploaded by users. It’s quite similar to the same with Google Drive or Drop Box that almost everyone knows well of.

Just giving some close attention to some sites that offer file storage/sharing services, you will find some of those websites(networks) that even pay uploaders for their uploads and downloads made by other users. Yeah that’s what we’re talking of and pursuing in this section.

It can be pretty much of anything you can upload in the form of file, such as videos, software, computer utility tools, pictures, game mods, documents, e-books or literally anything as long as not in copyright infringement.

And then every single time a download is made on your uploads, you will get paid based on the rates in many conditional factors. It goes just like residually and almost permanently for as long as the files you uploaded are live and active on the storage server.

So there’s a great chance of forming a passive income stream of yours with Pay Per Download Network and by uploading files on your computer to the hosting servers!

There’re some several popular PPD sites that allow you upload and download for absolutely free so you can start earning money with it!

Have a look here if you’re interested or wondering where/how to begin and what to prepare to start it off!: Pay Per download Guideline

  • Data Entry Jobs
Data Entry job is actually a popular category in the Make Money Online Field.

There’re really high demands for this job due to its easy entry (easy to enter in the field), flexibility of working hours and the work location (mostly at home), laid-back qualification requirements, no prior experiences needed and not-bad hourly rates if you get hired by or work with a good company.

According to the industrial average hourly wage, it’s said “$13 - $15” an hour, which can be a good condition to some people, or not too to some others. But it’s a greatly loved job with that hourly rates in consideration with its flexible working hours and the fact that it lets you work from home. Isn’t it a nice deal with it, is it?

While everything is good, and many happy data entry specialists are making stable income by working from home with ease, there’s some caution you would have to keep staying in, when you’re looking for a data entry job. It’s just because there’re scammers watching for their opportunities to bait and tempt you into falling into their scamming plot and it might harm you at last in any way.

Look! Here’s the things you should be noted to avoid Data Entry Job Scams!

1. Do your own research enough before jumping into a site or a company who promises providing data entry jobs for you. Reading multiple reviews made by ACTUAL users/typists before choosing a company you work with, is truly helpful to shortlist good ones except scams or craps.

2. Legit Data Entry Providers Do No Require AN Up-Front Payment From You.
Some often require people to pay them for the registration or job access/service fees. And then?? Become unresponsive or even run off after collecting their money as enough as their initial goal amount. The bottom line at this point, “You Must Not Pay Anything In Advance. If Anyone Asks For It Then Stay Away!”

Here is a good guide covering how/where to start the job just safely: Data Entry Jobs Online Guide

  • Website Testing Jobs
It’s a job in which you can make money by reviewing a website or an app.

For companies or webmasters that take their web-based businesses seriously and professionally, someone reviewing their websites and giving them a genuine feedback for the room of further improvement is truly good help.

With that reason, many companies are in need of reviewers in variety range of professionalism, from at amateur to technically professional level to check over every detail of what the site has. (No worries even if you’re not a techie! Some companies also need their help!)

And that, of course, compensates the people who’ve finished up what they’re instructed to, usually $10 to slightly higher per site review.

The average duration of each test(review) isn’t too long, it’s just as long as 15 - 20 minutes. So some people who are more dedicatedly eager to this job, earn quite nice side income a month almost as being a freelancer on website test job.

Have a look at those sites (Middle Men) below that are looking for testers to review websites online and apply to be a tester to make money from home right away!

  1. whatusersdo(dot)com
  2. usertest(dot)io
  3. enroll(dot)com
  4. utest(dot)com
  5. userfeel(dot)com
  6. usabilityhub(dot)com
  7. testingtime(dot)com
  8. Mturk (Amazon Mechanical Turk run by Amazon)

  • Parting Words
We looked at how to make money from home in some kind of unique ways today. Probably most of you wouldn’t hear them so much before. Well, that’s actually my focus in writing this article to share some other “GOOD” ways of making money online in more fun or interesting ways rather than “paid surveys” , or “paid to view ads” things which you may be sick of hearing already!

Those 3 types of jobs are not only interesting ways of earning money, but also they are quite proven to make “sure money” since many earners around on the internet make money online with those methods even at this time of writing.

Being that said, please not to end your research at this article, but to go more research and learn things about the each you may be interested to dive into to make money online, so you can see if it fits in yourself or how much you can enjoy making money with this methods rather than being burnt or giving up too fast.

I wish you a good luck!! Happy earnings online and from home!

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