How to Style – a guide to style a key piece in 5 different ways

Less is more! The 21st century wardrobe is more minimalist than anything. Gone are the days of standalone dresses or clothing items. Nowadays, it’s all about utility. In the internet age, it is possible to purchase stunning articles of clothing for less than your average Optimum internet pricing. But that’s not utility. In the world of fashion, the utility of a certain item of clothing (key piece) depends on how many other articles it goes with. The more outfits you can style with a key piece, the more fashion utility it offers. Essentially, you make use of existing clothes in your wardrobe paired with the key piece to create several different ways of styling. If done correctly, you can wear a given key piece in five different ways, each perfect for specific occasion.

In this blog, we will be looking at how to style a cardigan (one of the most common key pieces in the American wardrobe) in five different ways.

  • Casual Weekend
A lightweight cardigan is great for pulling off a casual weekend look. It is perfect for layering and expanding your wardrobe selection for the day. Not only does it help anchor your look but also adds an extra layer for warmth in the cold season. With a pair of slim-fit jeans and a shacket, this is the perfect weekend casual look.

  • Layered Business
A lightweight cardigan works in a lot of variety when you mix it up with your business attire. It works as a great layering piece with most business wardrobes. In many ways, it’s a variation of the standard three-piece suit, with the waistcoat replaced by the cardigan. It results in a soft yet sartorially elegant use of essential separates and makes a refined statement.

  • Blazer Substitute
This look mixes it up with the business style in a different way. Wearing a waistcoat and trousers is an elegant enough look by itself. Pair it with a lightweight, shawl collared cardigan and you get a sort of casual elegance to offset an otherwise properly buttoned-up look. Ideally, go for a navy blue or black waistcoat and pants and offset it with a cream or white dress shirt. A dark colored cardigan, preferably blue, black or grey should round off the look nicely. The end result is the definition of the phrase ‘work hard, party harder’. It has you looking hip and trendy while still in keeping with traditional office attire.

  • Athleisure
This is the go-to look for most collegiate Americans. Especially when they want to reach their class on time and look their best while doing so. A light pullover coupled with a lightweight cardigan and leggings is the perfect athleisure look for a cold morning. Not only is it super easy to pull off, it looks super good on any body structure. Nothing beats comfy casual when you’re running late for class. Not only does it give off a sporty, athletic vibe but it also looks casually elegant in a very sartorial way. This look can work with both a light and a dark colored cardigan. Be sure to anchor the look with a pair of trendy sneakers or trainers to round off the whole athleisure appearance.

  • Everyday Casual
This is the perfect look for the type of person that does not abide by a traditional work dress code. Entrepreneurs and employees who don’t want to dress up but still want to look good should definitely try this. Simple, casual basics make for an excellent everyday uniform for the working American. Try mixing a light colored button-down shirt or dress shirt with a lightweight cardigan to pull off a formal-casual look. Jeans and a nice pair of suede shoes complete this look for the perfect semi-casual work attire. It’s always fun to mix up a darker colored cardigan with a lighter or pastel colored shirt and dark, slim-fit jeans. The entire look is anchored by your choice of shoes. You can make it more formal with a pair of elegant heels, or wingtips for men. If you are leaning more towards the casual side, a pair of brown Diggers for men or, comfortable pumps for women should do the trick.

The best thing about fashion, whether casual or formal, is that you have the freedom to create your own unique style. While most people tend to go with safe options, there is always room to experiment with different looks of the same key piece (in this case a cardigan). Always keep your eyes peeled for new sources of ideas like Cox Cable Packages, which offers a comprehensive selection of fashion and pop-culture. This is a great source to get new ideas for styling different looks and you can always pick up a few helpful pointers. Remember, fashion is fluid. To appear fashion-savvy you just have to be creative with what you have instead of revamping your wardrobe every season.

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