Iphone X Review | Specs, Features And Much More

Apple is getting even more popularity after the new release of iphone x with some amazing updates. This time the iphone is a lot different than the previous versions. In-fact the camera has been updated and some new lighting options are added which makes your pictures even more attractive.

The market was getting stale on the design side of the iphone and people were getting bored from the old designs soon when the Apple launched the iphone x with some amazing design changes. The smartphone comes with a tremendous dimensions of 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm which makes it smaller than the iphone 8 plus. The iphone 8 plus was taller but iphone x isn’t and can be used in one hand with ease. Moreover, the smartphone weights only 174g which way lighter. Some mobile phones out there can’t fit in your pocket but thanks to the dimensions of iphone x for making it to easy to get into your pocket without any hesitation.

The Iphone x has pretty thick bezel that makes and makes no space for the screen button. Instead the Face ID is introduced which is a good feature. All you have to do is place your face right in front of the screen and the screen unlocks. Remember it has some issues while using it with greasy face which is one of the let downs for iphone x.

The screen on the smartphone is quite impressive and comes with OLED panel and LCD That delivers 2436 x 1125 of resolutions which is great. Off the edge the screen looks a little blue which is one of another let downs for the phone. The best thing is, this the Apple added the Dolby vision HDR and  DCI P3 colour gamut support to the iphone.

As I mentioned earlier, the screen turns a little bit blue off the edge but isn’t a big problem as the viewing angles on almost every smartphone is not always perfect. But still the viewing anles on the smartphone are enhanced and this is the best Apple could do.

The battery on the mobile phone is quite impressive the size of 2,716mAh which has more capacity thean the previous phones introduced by Apple. In-fact it lasts long even during performing heavy tasks. Thanks to the company for the upgrade.

The phone has the 12MP dual rear camera and 7MP front camera with different lighting modes like portrait mode and a few more modes that makes you photos and picture eye catching.  The full iphone x camera review is right here. You can read it on leopardots, one of the trusted and fast growing big sites on the internet world.

Short Verdict:
Iphone x is great smartphone in the world right now with some awesome features and specs that anyone would love have. The phone comes pricey but I think it’s worth it. The camera, battery life, design and screen, everything is on top of the line.

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