Tips to Have a Smooth Villa Booking In Goa

Goa villa booking can be difficult if not planned beforehand. Most of the people visit Goa during the months of September to December and this time period is the peak season for visiting Goa. People often fail to get apartments and villas according to their choice during this season if they fail to an advance booking of the houses. 

How to search for a villa with ease?
If you have already decided that you would be visiting Goa this year for a specific period of time, then it wise to book all the amenities in advance; may it be flight or villa. Booking things in advance would save you from the messy situation which often occurs when things are done at the last moment.

As we all know, the current generation is a generation of the internet. Goa villa booking thus can be done with the help of the internet.  Try to go through all the websites which allows you to book villas online and also shows you the amenities and services that it provides. Always check at least 4 to 5 online sites. Never rely upon only one site. Nowadays, several sites have come which provide a good amount of discounts to advanced bookings. Also, you can check different Facebook pages and groups to gain more knowledge.

Choose the villa in such a place which suits your wants and desires. Like for example; if you want more of a peaceful region then book a villa which is situated In South Goa. South Goa is known for its peaceful and private lifestyle. Because of this reason, most of the youngsters do not prefer to stay in South Goa.

On the other hand, if you are a party person and want to have a good nightlife and want more of clubbing, then North Goa is the appropriate place for you. Try to find a villa in North Goa. This is the most preferred destinations of the youngsters. You can also visit several old buildings which are located here. Goa villa booking becomes much easier when you get lots of information.

Why should you choose villas over hotels?
Hotels mostly don’t provide with the private life which most of the tourists crave for. Thus, if you really want to spend your vacation in Goa with comfort and peace, always prefer a villa over a hotel. In a villa, you can play games, enjoy the pool, relax and even party during the night with your friends.

Even Goa villa booking becomes cheaper than a hotel if you are traveling with a group. The villa staff takes care of you and your fellow tourist the most. Villa generally comes with a private pool. Open space, balcony, kitchen, living room, etc.

How to book a villa?
It often gets difficult to book a villa when you have thousand of choices in front of you. Tourist often ends up in taking the wrong decision and at the end land in a bad location which totally spoils their mood and vacation. The procedure of booking also becomes difficult when you are traveling in a group where each and every opinion has to matter.

For a smooth booking procedure, keep in mind the following points:
  • First of all, try to get through with the rent rates in Goa. The rent rates differ according to the location.  A shared villa would obviously cost much less than a private villa. So book according to your budget and preferences.
  • The rates of the villa increase with the shortening distance to the beach. This means, that if your villa is located very near to the beach it would cost you more than the one which is situated far away.
  • The prices of Goa villa booking also differ according to the view from the villa. If you have a stunning view from your balcony, the villa would definitely charge you high. Gated communities are also charged high because of the extra amenities they provide; that is, security, pool staff, gardener, etc.
  • The villas that are equipped with facilities like a power back up, inverters, television, air conditioners, would be highly charged.
  • Also, if you want to have a personal staff like, a cook or a maid, extra expenditure has to be incurred by them.
  • Some of the villas are equipped with Wi-Fi facilities, parking facilities, which might cost higher.
It is thus wise to decide everything with a lot of patience and time. Never make decisions in a hurry and at the eleventh hour. Decisions made at the last moment are mostly wrong and wrong decisions and choices and spoil your entire trip to Goa.

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