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Description: With these easy tips you don’t need to go to car wash providers. You can wash your car like a pro at your home. Follow these tips to wash your car properly.

Tips to properly wash your car:

  • Eye with the weather.
Something that many people ignore is the importance of climate and the effects of sun and temperature on the appearance of spots. Because at higher temperatures, the water and shampoo will dry more quickly and this will cause them to impregnate in the paint, causing the appearance of opaque spots that are difficult or impossible to remove with traditional methods. That's why you should wash your car in cool hours and in the shade.

  • The right products.
Do not you bathe with laundry detergent or bleach? The same goes for your car, never use detergent on the paint, never, although if you can apply it to wash the tires, it is advisable to use shampoo, it is softer and will not dull the paint, to apply the shampoo you should use a soft sponge and Do not let much mud accumulate in it. Also, you must choose well with what you are going to dry it, do not use a rough towel or an old cloth, it is advisable to use a flannel or terry towels that absorb water better without damaging the paint.

  • Before soaping, soak.
It is not good that you begin to soap the paint when it is too dirty, and dry, because dust particles, insect remains or bird droppings to be stuck and being moved dry can cause scratches, so first of all, you should Spray water and try to remove as much dirt as you can without rubbing them when they are still dry.

  • Soaps and washes by sectors.
Never lather your entire car at once, as the saying goes: "divide and you will triumph". since if you apply the shampoo to your entire car, it will dry and stain your paint, so you should apply it in parts and remove it completely before proceeding with another part, it is advisable to start washing from the upper parts to the lower parts, so that the water that drains does not stain the lower parts, for example, first soaps the roof or half of it, quickly remove the shampoo completely with plenty of water, then go to the bonnet, then to the tailgate, then a side, then the other side, remember, the important thing is not to allow the shampoo to dry before removing it. Finally you must wash the wheels, rim and very important: the hoppers or inner fenders to prevent them from deteriorating through the mud,

  • Dry quickly
Do not let the wind dry your car, so it will be stained by the chlorine content of the water, you should dry it as soon as possible and avoid leaving waste water.

The brightness of a car

What is the brightness of a car and how does it happen?

We say that a car shines when we have the perception of a great amount of light that comes from the reflection of its surface.

The brightness can be more intense when the rays that enter the painting, whether from the sun or another source of light, are reflected with the same angle of incidence or entry, and this is because:

A perfect surface will  reflect the rays of light in the same way, perfect; allowing our sight to have a greater perception of this, giving us the sensation that this car shines more than others.

An imperfect surface  will deflect the light reflection to a large number of directions decreasing the amount of brightness or light that our sight will capture.


+ Brightness = - imperfections

- Brightness = + imperfections

How to solve the problems of brightness in a car?

Apply a polish, working with the thickness of the acrylic on the paint, will always be the only option when trying to solve the problems of brightness and imperfections. Next we will explain why.

Scratches are cracks in our acrylic that as we said before decrease the amount of light and therefore brightness that our sight will capture; and as mentioned a moment ago, applying polishes is the only option to eliminate this type of problems since in this way we would reduce the thickness of the acrylic to the point of disappearing everything that is above it, leaving a perfect surface where everything incident ray will be reflected in the same way, giving us the maximum perception of light and therefore of brightness.

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