What are the best apps to sell my photography?

When you heard the word photography for some it’s the selfie that they take in huge quantity and then upload on social media, but for many it’s the passion. Today if you are a professional photographer or a casual and you capture good picture so there are a lot of places to sell you these photography. Photography is the source of income for many, and for others it’s a creative thing that keeps them creative. As now different companies has launched a lot of professional cameras and we are also having smartphone cameras that are truly brilliant in today’s world that capture the detailing and the glory it has. Whether you like taking pictures of different places like museum, vintage architecture or you are a nature or sports capture person no matter what picture you take there is always a place on the online (internet) world where you can sell pictures. It just should be unique, original and in high resolution as much as it can.

Now we will discuss the 5 best apps where you can sell your pictures, it’s not only for the  professional but also you can use to sell your iPhone photography,  we have also sell our sell my nexus 6p photography taken to different apps and paid us well.

-Snapwire, as the rest of the applications in the list mention it gives you the opportunity to sell you pictures online for armature, semi and pro so their passion can pay them well. Although it’s a bit difficult to other applications as it more relays on quality picture/images. Which means it is more attractive for the semi- pro or the professional as they have high resolution camera for the best quality of images, but still it have a lot of Varity in it for the armature photographers to make them selling their photography on this app online.

If we talk about the fess it give you a goof amount as it attracts many photographers, you are allow to keep 70% of the amount displayed of total earnings, while the items sold through the marketplace or the person’s profile. This Application encourages photographers to use original camera photo with the copy right as they have very strict rules and regulation for the copied content.

-FOAP, it is one of the best platforms for much amateur and professional photography, even the one who is taking pictures using the smartphone it allows them as well, but it’s a goof and a bad both. It is good because there is large amount of photographers which leads to huge amount of images and the buyer will have a wide range to choose from. It is bad because for the photographers it will be difficult that their images sell soon although it will be a bit slow process but this application have a large amount of traffic for buyers with makes it interesting for the photographers.

It we talk about the pricing each image is for $10, and you get 50% of the amount or the total earning, As mentioned it have large amount of traffic and photographers so it attacks brands as well that pays large amount to the establish or even the amateur photographer , just the image should be eye catching and authentic. It is free to download as well.

-Markedshot, has the most basic approach if we compare with other application in the list its purely focus on providing space to sell your photos. It is a competition or a client based application as when a client ask for some specific requirements and person who can fulfill connects, even it can be specified if you live in such area. For example a client needs a photographer who lives in Paris and take a good picture of Eiffel tower as the angles he mention, this also leads to a very good amount.
If we compare the fess with the other apps in the list they pay you maximum $5 or the 50% of the total earning, but here at Marked Shot most of the budget is higher and it also depend on the requirements of the clients mostly the projects pay around $100 and onwards. I might consider it and with my old phone sell my phone online to get some extra cash and I buy a not probably the new buy used to get photography done.

-Scoopshot, as the competition for photography applications increase they also tend to create buyer attractive offers. As Scoopshot have interesting competition criteria that only last for 24 hours as when you upload a picture on snapchat and it disappears within 24hrs. Photographers can also upload videos to it or you can say footage. This app allows a daily competition and a daily winner well before applying to the competition a photographer can choose its own fees or budget. Here the main advantage is for the buyers as they get things within time and choose from wide range, buyer can also filter the competition by location, gander, experience and more.

It attracts both the semi pro and the amateur as from the competition any picture can be selected.

-MicPic, is an only IOS device application which means you can only found it in the app store, so for all the readers if your apple device is somewhere lying around uses it! As the other applications in the list MicPic also adds its new features to beat the competition. Mic pic allows a buyer not only from brands but it attracts a lot of local buyers as well. There is a huge amount in which you can edit customized or filter your images.

The main feature it has is it allows buyers to directly print the image onto mugs, tees, frames and etc. Yes! This is the most attractive way to attract the users as they can see their favorite images on the mugs, tee-shirts and other stuff as well. You also get 20% from the extra things a buy order from the application using your image. I have recently sell my iPad mini for cash otherwise I will definitely use this app.

Even if you are just a casual photographer there is a high demand of it, you are just supposed to have the photography and angle sense with authentic images.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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