Driving Habits that Do Harm to your Car

In all honesty, a lot of people that have driver’s licenses in the Philippines are not equipped with sufficient ideas on what they should do when driving. In most cases, these drivers would develop driving habits that would probably do more harm than good to your vehicles.

Most people in the Philippines with the Toyota Wigo or any other car that promises great performance should usually have at least basic knowledge on how to properly maintain their vehicles. But if these harmful driving habits are present, there’s only so much that maintenance could do.
Make sure that your car won’t fall victim to these harmful driving habits by taking note of these driving habits that might do harm to your car.

Not Using the Parking/ Hand Brake    

Forgetting or outright neglecting to use the handbrake when your car is parked can have lasting effects on the parking pawl. For your information, the mechanism that is used on this small parking pawl is only a little piece of metal within the transmission. Having the car’s weight ultimately supported by just this piece of metal would quickly wear it out—leaving the parking pawl useless.

Hard Starts and Stops

This should be something that is common knowledge to new and old drivers, but in the context of the Philippines, there are still a lot of people who don’t fully understand the consequences doing these actions. Pressing the gas to quickly accelerate is a something those who like to go fast do a lot, but it will use up a lot more fuel and add an unnecessary load of stress onto the engine. When you suddenly step on the break, which sometimes can be necessary, you would cause your brake pads and rotors to get worn out faster. It would be best if you press both the gas and the brake pads smoothly and slowly.

Overloading your Vehicle

A lot of vehicles nowadays are designed to carry heavy loads relative to its size and predicted luggage, but this does not mean that you should push it to the extreme and overload it. A vehicle can only carry so much load before it starts to have an effect on your brakes, and suspension. Since a lot of people in the Philippines like maximizing things to their utmost value, especially during road trips, it is the vehicles that have to experience the full brunt of it. There are even some cases wherein the Philippines, Toyota Wigos become extremely overloaded like a clown car, just so friends can go on a trip to famous tourist locations.

Every vehicle has its limitations, as the owner and driver of these, you should be aware of these and play around it.

Key Takeaway

Vehicles, no matter how optimized are prone to experiencing a lot of problems, mostly due to human error. In that regard, you, as a driver, should be aware of some harmful driving habits that might result in your vehicle getting damaged in some shape or form.

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