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How to amplify domain authority according to SEO practices?
Suppose you ask from any of the web marketers that what his number 1 goal of SEO is, you will most probably get this answer to get a number 1 position on search engine results pages. To get to this spot, one has to face lots of roadblocks. Simply thinking about keywords and getting these authority backlinks, it is not enough! You have to think about thousands of other factors too which can influence ranking. One of the important factors is this website authority checker step.

What is DA?
It is a ranking metric. Moz developed it. This metric makes a prediction regarding your site ranking. DA is usually measured on a scale starting from 1 to 100. More you are going to move closer to 100 mark, more traffic as well as better ranking will come to your site. A low score of DA will give you huge loss of website traffic and low ranking. There are few of the actionable steps which you have to consider so that website authority score can be improved.

On a roughly speaking basis, most of the sites DA score revolves around 40–60 mark. Once your site gets a year older then you should check its DA score by using a recommended website authority checker tool.

Improving DA score cannot happen overnight. But still, little efforts can make a huge difference in your domain authority score range. Below plan can work for you.

Promising strategies to improve domain authority score
The workable plan is mentioned for you to multiple your DA score:

Creating the best link-building strategy
  • DA score can be absolutely increased if you are going to put up an amazing content on your site. This is what we call content marketing, and this is a critical element if you want to build a best link-building strategy.
  • If you are coming out with a great content, the rest of the sites which are related to your niche, they will get linked to your website. This strategy will amplify your DA score on an organic basis.
  • Create a content which is worthy enough linking to! In this way, a relationship will be built by you with other sites without violating any of the search engine guidelines.
  • Whatever strategy you opt to raise this score, you should not ever engage in any of the link schemes. Most of the sites use these paid links for the purpose of their backlink strategies. This is a failed strategy! If quality backlinks are present on your site, then DA score will continue to rise and this you can check by using any bulk authority checker tool.

Conducting a link audit
  • If one really wants to get a great DA score and ranking, then he has to focus on the health of his link profile. Regularly conducting link audits will improve the health of your link profile and your domain authority score will get increased too.
  • To put it in the simpler terms, a link profile is all about backlinks which your website has got and earned. If your link profile is authoritative, then that is the sign of a trustworthy site. Only by following Google guidelines, you can make a healthy link profile.
  • Some of the bad link strategies are opted by unprofessional people. These strategies lower down your DA score, your site get penalized and your link profile becomes unhealthy. These are actually non-organic methods of obtaining backlinks. One should not use them. There are other safer ways too to get quality backlinks.
  • As soon as you are going to complete your link audit procedure, then you have to disavow all of the unwanted links from your site. 

Creating a content which your audience love to read
  • It always happens that if your site content is not amazing and not great enough then no one is going to visit your site, your DA score will remain lower and at the same time, your SEO will not ever going to improve.
  • Once you create an impressive content, then check the DA score afterward by using a bulk authority checker tool.
  • Getting a satisfactory DA score only happens when you get real traffic for your site, real content and real backlinks. The length content is not required, instead of quality matters more! If you are going to write the kind of content which will answer your reader burning questions, then your SEO and DA score will for sure improve.
  • Your content has to look deep and comprehensive and it should cover every little and petty detail of your mentioned topic.

Cracking down your SEO
  • It is also suggested by Moz that one should be improving his overall SEO so that DA score can be improved simultaneously. This is a not a surprising element and fact that SEO is an important strategy to make any site successful.
  • You have to improve both of your on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO. Note that meta descriptions and too title tags, they are one of the key aspects of this on-page SEO element. These elements will help out the search engines to process and score your site easily.
  • When you start to notice that readers are processing your site content smoothly and search engines are also tracking your content hassle-freely, then that is a sign that your DA score is going up. This progress you can track by downloading any bulk da checker tool available these days.

We specifically recommend that first, you should carry out a link profile audit, later on, disown any sort of unwanted links. Then the next day should be dedicated to concentrating on on-page SEO, off-page SEO. Focus on the aspects like title tags, meta tags, the speed of the site, the element of user-friendly navigation, backlink opportunities. This is the technical order which you have to follow while magnifying your domain authority score. Following this plan on a consistent basis will let your DA score to go up always and it will never go down.

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