Best Foods to Eat to Cure Hangover

After a night out, hangovers can almost cause you to curse your alcohol distributor and swear off drinking once and for all. Hangovers can drain you of energy and the best way to regain it is to eat out. Eating these hangover foods can be the reason why you can get back in tip-top shape. Keep these in mind for your next party escapade!

  • Banana Shake
A hangover calls for extra protein in the body and a tall glass of banana shake is just what you need for this. If you are not the type to drink fruit-flavored beverages, you should start now if you want to have a hangover elixir without the tangy taste and mumbo jumbo. Easy and quick to make, banana shakes should be on top of your hangover cures!

  • The English Breakfast
In Britain, they swear by the English Breakfast as a foolproof hangover cure. The full breakfast is what they need to recover after a session of heavy drinking. The breakfast set includes bacon, baked beans, fried, poached or scrambled eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or buttered toast, and sausages. Doesn’t it sound appetize? This is enough to regain your strength especially after a long night of partying.

  • Onion Soup
For the French, the solution to their hangovers is a steaming bowl of onion soup. As France became famous for their world-class champagne, it is no surprise that they let go of themselves a little with a bottle of those famous bubbly, or two. Unlike the heavy breakfast of the English people, they shy away from a carb-filled dish because the French method of recovery is all about the lighter alternative. Apparently, sipping onion soup is the key to dealing with hangovers.

  • Pickles
As cucumbers are pickled in a salt-filled liquid, this can keep your awful hangover at bay. It can even be the greatest morning-after remedy if you make a pickle juice as the cure. Combine vinegar, water, and sodium, and you have the perfect recipe to rehydrate your body after a long night.

  • Tapsilog
In the Philippines, the alternative to the English Breakfast is the famous Tapsilog which is a dish comprised of marinated beef, egg, and fried rice. Although it is already a well-known breakfast staple, it is also popular because it is best served as a hangover cure for many Filipinos.

  • Burger
There’s more to burgers than just being a juicy and tasty snack. Turns out, they are also great for curing hangovers as well. The good thing about this is that most restaurants have this on their menus as bar chow so better order one before partying all night. The combination of fat and protein from the meat of the burger ensures that the alcohol doesn’t affect you too much so eating a burger right before drinking can prevent tomorrow’s nasty hangover.

  • Key Takeaway
These hangover foods will be your partner-in-crime in warding off that bad feeling from drinking too much. Let them serve as a reminder that you should always drink responsibly so you don’t have to resort to instant measures to cure your hangover. Otherwise, just suffer through the process and let these tasty hangover foods do their job. Take it easy on your request from your alcohol distributor next time!

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