Tips on How to Avoid Electrical Hazards at Home

While electricity has made our lives easier, it has also exposed us to different hazards. Fires, electrocution, overheating, you name it. While we can expect electrical suppliers in Metro Manila to be there for us during the aftermath, preventing these problems in the first place is no one’s responsibility but our own. Thus, we have to proactive when it comes to our safety.

With these tips, you will able to avoid electrical hazards which can endanger your safety at home.

  • Replace broken cables.
So many of us are prone to sticking cables with broken cords, like phone chargers, because they can be expensive to replace.

With a broken cable, you first run the risk of electrocution in your body. Second, it becomes easier for your house to catch on fire since smoke can emit from a damaged cable that gets straightened. 3rd, when you use broken cables to charge your different electronics, it never charges again the same way. It takes a longer time to charge it to 100% and its battery life eventually shortens over time.

Just replace your broken cable with a new one, and you will never ever suffer from these events in the future.

  • Never wet your outlets
Outlets for your appliances can get wet if one, you touch them with wet hands. Second, water gets poured because of clumsiness or other conditions such as flooding. No matter how your outlet gets wet, mixing water and electricity is a recipe for disaster.

If a kid touches an outlet with wet hands, his body will most likely experience electrocution in return. The electric shock passes through the body and can lead scarring, burning, and even the victim’s death. On the other hand, an outlet that gets wet because of conditions like a flood can produce a spark. Electrical sparks can start a fire at your home.

To lower these risks, you can input a ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) from your electrical supplier in Metro Manila. With a GCFI, a wet outlet will shut down instead of becoming an electrical hazard.

  • Avoid tangling wires together
As technological products have become essential for our daily routine, tanging wires of the products we use have become a daily seat. It is not rare for out laptop charger cable to be tangled, with the wire of our earphones, and our phone charger cable.

While leaving our wires tangled together seems like nothing, this very action actually poses a lot of electrical risks. First, leaving cables together too long makes them experience stress. When cables are stressed because of the pressure applied to them from other objects, its construction breaks down. You will soon not only have a broken cable, but also a cable that is vulnerable to fires or electrocution.

Second, putting all cords together in one power source like an electrical strip can cause that source to experience electrical circuit overloading. Overloading your electrical circuit will lead to the insulation in your tangled wires melting and exposed. The more exposed wires you have, the more chances you have of getting an electrical fire.

  • Key Takeaway
As users of electricity, we should be proactive in protecting our homes from electrical hazards every day. We are committing to safety when we choose to replace broken cables, untangle wires, and prevent water from reaching our electrical outlet. With these tips, you will never have to experience hazards such as fire and electrocution.

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