3 Brilliant Startup Ideas For College Students

It is not a secret that college and university students of today are facing major joblessness these days in Pakistan. Even the ones studying in the finest colleges and universities in the country are having trouble finding themselves a suitable job. A number of these disappointed students are now looking for a way to initiate their own startup to be able to make a good living for themselves while still in school. Starting a business is a great idea as it does not only help the students make peace with their financial situations but also let them have an insight into how things work in the market.

Here are five super startup ideas for college students looking to make ends meet, you never know, in the long run, you might even start your own business and make it as big as the successful business magnates in Pakistan, such as Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, Malik Riaz and many others.

1. Tutoring 

The best and the easiest way for students to make money has to be providing tuitions. It is an excellent entrepreneurship idea because it reflects your unique skill set. It would be easy for you to tutor other students about what you excel in. A subject that you know better and can teach it to your fellows and earn money in return. In the long run, you can start your own private tutoring business and earn great numbers.

2. Transportation

If you can drive and have a car of your own, great job, you have a way to start a business out of it. There are a number of opportunities for transportation-based businesses. With Uber and Careem around, it might be a little challenging for you to bring your game into the transportation business but you still have a chance. You could just begin with your college or university and offer rides on lower rates than these cab services, once you see a considerable amount of people who like to ride with you rather than in Uber or Careem, you raise the rates.

3. Provide online Marketing services

With the access internet, no job is difficult. It has made marketing easy and also one of the most lucrative jobs. What makes marketing worthwhile is that it is interesting and will not make you feel weary even in your most stressful days. In case you have a knack for writing, then this is definitely your cup of tea. You can make a business out of it and make a great amount of money with it. You can get online freelance work and then begin your magic on their projects. Once you have substantial experience in this field, you can begin your startup officially in the same field.

Begin your entrepreneurship with positive hopes and in the long run, you will be creating a kingdom of your own as big as AKD Group or Habib group.

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