What Are the Different Types of Leather Used In the Manufacturing of Leather Jackets?

Well! If you are a little inquisitive about the different types of leather for buying your favorite Men Leather jackets this blog will take a brief look into the kind of leathers available in the market.


This is the most common leather used in the manufacturing of jackets for men. There are many reasons it takes the front seat when it comes to leather jackets the first being its low cost, the second being its wide availability and other reasons being its resistance to dirt and water along with its durability and toughness.

Not only does it offer superior protection which renders it ideal for motorcycle jackets but it also has the inbuilt quality to withstand adverse conditions. Owing to its casual appeal and its matte finish it is recognized as an affordable leather jacket.


The very next on this list is Bison which is very similar to cowhide regarding the feature it offers. While it provides identical durability and ruggedness as cowhide the natural grain patterning it entails is far superior to that of cowhide. This feature allows bison to give a creamy texture along with an earthy look. On another note, its thick grain also provides for superior protection just like the one offered by cowhide

Goat Skin

Goatskin is another popular choice for leather which owing to its flexibility, lightness and softness offers a superior experience than the cowhide. Since it is also very durable, it continues to grow and look better with the passage of time which is another reason it is widely preferred for the Men Leather Jackets manufacturing purpose.

Deer Skin

Deerskin is another highly popular leathers used for the manufacturing of Men Leather Jackets and jackets for women. Owing to its durability apart from used in leather jackets manufacturing it is also used in the manufacture of handbags and gloves.

A distinct feature of this leather is that it keeps on getting softer with the passage of time which enhances the soft and supple feeling it offers you. Therefore, it is the right choice for the individuals who want durability identical to that of cowhide yet a more elegant and classy look coupled with suppleness.


Identified and rated as a luxurious leather owing to its wearability, suppleness and softness, it offers a luxurious texture along with being highly versatile when it comes to usage. Owing to it being lightweight this is just the leather jacket which you would be comfortable wearing the year round. Its versatility renders it an equally good choice for a cropped leather jacket as well as a full-length coat.

These are the different types of leathers that are used in the manufacturing of your favorite Men Leather Jackets. Now that you know about the qualities of these leathers we are sure that you would make an informed purchase the next time you buy leather jacket of your choice easily. Jacketism is an online shopping site that is loaded with a wide range of variety in Men Leather Jackets. The quality of the leather is trustworthy and if we keep care of our jacket its life increases. You can place your order by putting all your worries aside. Grab it from ready to wear collection or get it customized by jacketism. Good Luck!

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