Six Tips To Keep Your Kid Protected This Winter

As you know the cold waves are around the corner which affects the whole population especially children. However, many parents get confused about how to protect their kids from the harsh cool winds. So, don’t worry Mothercare Pakistan is providing you some measures that should take before a cold wave hit your child’s health.

1) Cover their head, hands, and feet
It is important to cover the head, hands, and feet well since a large portion of the cold caught by this area. It is prescribed to utilize a fleece top or cap, cotton socks, and water-safe footwear, and also gloves and a scarf to cover the neck. You should ensure that you cover all these areas with a scarf so that you can prevent their lungs from catching a cold.

2) Healthy eating is a must

The nourishing is likewise imperative to increase kid’s immune system in the winter. It is prescribed to increase the proportions of vegetables and natural products in the eating routine of little one, particularly citrus organic products wealthy in nutrients A and C, for example, orange and tangerine. Try not to give them cool beverages, offer rather hot soups and beverages or water and regular juices at room temperature.

3) Take them on a walk

So, when it's very cold, should we avoid taking our kids for a walk? Yes, Of course! In spite of the low temperatures. It isn't helpful to "limit" the youngster at home, it is advantageous that we take him out for a walk. So buy Baby Strollers and shelter them properly with appropriate clothes such as gloves, scarves, hats, coats, bags, blankets, etc. The best time to take the walk is mid-afternoon so that the child receives fresh air and natural light.

4) Keep their skin hydrated

It is essential that parents continue to hydrate the skin of children during the winter as low temperatures increment the dryness of nature and can cause disturbance and other reactions. You can utilize Mothercare baby oil which is best for this reason. The skin of the little one is exceptionally delicate so it is basic to keep it hydrated, particularly in winters.

5) Wash your hands before touching them

In cold and humid environments bacteria and viruses belonging to the respiratory tracts of our body. So to avoid any complications it is prudent to wash your hands with cleanser always, keep away from spots where there are numerous individuals. In additional buy online toys for kids which can be sterilized and keep germs away from your kids. Don’t forget to utilize tissues to hack and blow the bodily fluid and wheeze inclining toward the elbow.

6) Consult a doctor immediately

Generally, colds or mild colds are cured by themselves so it is advisable to go to the doctor when the fever is persistent for more than a day, also affecting the lack of oxygen that prevents breathing properly, lack of appetite or rest and sleep.


So there are some tips which can help you to protect your kid in crazy cool weather. Therefore, it is important to be up-to-date on the subject of vaccines, which protect your kids from allergies and another disease. 

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