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OGYouTube is one of the best alternatives of Youtube that provides you the similar online streaming experience and the same features as present in the Youtube interface plus with an added advantage of downloading tons of videos as per your choice which till now Youtube has not been able to provide. The application is also referred to be the earliest version of Youtube that allows users to stream millions of video contents across the world and download them in any kind of resolution for their device.

However, there is one exception of this application which users need to take care. They must not log in to the application with their account as doing that will block the downloading feature of the videos and then they can only stream them online. The application is a complete package of entertainment created for the android’s environment. You can this app via 9apps download.

Features of OGYouTube Application

  • Materialistic UI
The application features the same interface as that featured in the mobile version of Youtube application. In the home screen, you can find the trending videos featured from different categories with an integrated search bar at the top that allows your search for targeted results manually.
You can also find a row of suggested videos as per your relevant search which might interest you to download. Clicking on each of the videos you can like, unlike, and comment on them as well as hit the Subscribe button for respective channels.

  • Video Downloading Feature
The application along with direct streaming of videos also facilitates users to download them quickly hitting the Download button located below the video and choosing their desired resolution. The application supports different resolutions from 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p to HD quality. Users can choose the resolution based on their device storage space. The application also supports multiple videos downloading by selecting more than one video at a time.

  • Audio Downloading Feature
The application is not just about the video download but also helps in downloading audio files from the video in Mp3 format. You can select the audio quality like Medium or High as desired and hit the download button to save the Mp3 file.

  • Background video Playing
The application also provides a multitasking environment to the users with its background video playing facility. Users can easily navigate between different applications keeping the video played in the background or just simply close the OG application can listen by dragging the floating video bar in the main screen. The same goes for the audio tracks as well which can be played in the background and can be also operated directly from the lock screen like mp3 music player.

  • Tag Editing
The application allows users to change the title of the videos they want to download with the rename option.

How to download OGYouTube Application:
  1. OGYouTube application can be downloaded from the third party source 9apps featuring the latest version as it is not supported in the Play Store.
  2. To install the file, users need to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings and follow the installation process to launch the application in their device.

The application is widely recommended for all Youtube buff as it solves their downloading issue and acts as a great source of entertainment for unlimited wifi connections.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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