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All music lovers around the world often come across this situation where on hearing any random music track or song they feel like which song is that especially if it’s a catchy number and try hard to guess who sang it, from where they can download it or which movie it belongs to. All of these questions are answered by one powerful music application known as Shazam.

The Shazam application via vidmate download acts as a music identifier and easily gives you information about any unknown song or music track along with lyrics, album information, artist details as well as valuable recommendations from the same artist that might love to enjoy.

All you need to do is hold the speaker of your device close to the music source and click on My Tags. The information will be displayed in the screen within seconds. You can play the tracks from Spotify directly as online streaming, download them separately or even buy the tracks. The application can be used both by the Android and IOS users.

  • How to use Shazam Application?
  1. Shazam Application can be downloaded by users directly from Google Play Store and App Store.
  2. After installation, the users need to open the application and bring it their device closer to any audio source to let Shazam detect the song.
  3. Next, they have to tap the phone screen or click on my tag to display information about the song, name of the artist, album art cover as well as discover the song with the option ‘Discover music, Try Rdio’ and share it with your friends using the share option.
  4. You can access all your my Tags collection by visiting the My Tags section located in the application's interface.

Features of Shazam Application

  • Music Discovery
The application provides an excellent music identification platform where its in-built technology searched millions of database as soon as it hears an audio track, and whenever it finds a match it displays all related information about the song to the users within seconds with video clips related to the same song as well as recommendations. You can discover the music details in just one tap.

  • Spotify Integration
The application works in association with Spotify music player, help users to see a preview of the songs, listen to them online and even download then if subscribed for premium pack. Users can also buy the music tracks and save them in their device.

  • Synchronization
The application seamlessly allows users to synchronize with the available devices by direct login and even allows them to share it with your friends in social networking platforms. The application is directly integrated with Facebook that helps you easily discover what your friends in Shazam are sharing as well also find out what your favorite singer is up to in Shazam at vidmate apk.

  • Visual Recognition
The application not only tracks music but also tracks images, posters, books with the application’s camera and displays information related to the same.

The application is an outstanding music detector and can be used not only in devices but also on Android Smartwatches and Apple watches giving an incredible performance.

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