Disadvantages of Social Media in Our Real Life

If you are a person who cannot imagine their life without social media, it definitely gives a sign that you are a victim who has fell for the evil power of social networking online. Let us explore the dark side of social media in our life and check exactly how and why it is bad for us. You certainly will be surprised to known that the effects of social media our life are both mental and physical. It surely has the capability to transform your perception of the world. Don’t believe me? Then read these below mentioned disadvantages of social media in our real life. And if you are able to be find any one which you are falling for, then it is the right time for you to stop using social media now. So, without waiting any more let me start discussing the disadvantages of social media.

  • Surprisingly Addictive
Nowadays, almost all of us are found addicted to our computer or mobile phone screens one way or the other. No matter if it is a game we are playing or watching a movie or seeing social media tips. Many experts have proven in the past that computer and internet addiction is real. All you need to do is visit any of your relative or friend house and see it for yourself. You will see that people are constantly attached with their mobile phones.

Let me give you an example to understand it, when you are playing a game, you will do anything for it to accomplish it as soon as possible. After you achieved your goal, your mind will feel relaxed and give you a happy feeling. The same thing occurs when you see a post or picture on a social media. Once you start seeing the likes and comments you are getting on your picture, you subconsciously start thinking of it as a reward. It certainly is a bad thing and you get addicted to it.

  • Cyberbullying
In a recent report it is found that nowadays most of our young generation including children have become the victim of cyberbullying in a recent few years. It is because any person can create a fake account and do anything without having the fear in mind of getting traced. This certainly has made people to do bullying on the internet. Most people have sent threats to others which in result many people have committed suicide.

  • Ease in Hacking
By the help of social media marketing, privacy and personal data can now be easily hacked by people and shared online on the internet. This certainly can result in financial losses or in some cases loss of precious human life. Likewise, identity theft is another issue which can cause financial losses to people by hacking their personal accounts. In the past few years, multiple Facebook and Twitter social media accounts have been hacked and the hackers have posted personal information including pictures and information of individuals on different sites. It is considered as one of the dangerous and most lethal disadvantage of social media in a person’s real life. Furthermore, many people have advised others to keep their personal information and date secure in order to avoid from such kind of situations.

  • Issues in Security
Today, many government and private security agencies have access to people personal information which they have shared on different social media platforms. This certainly makes their personal information and privacy compromised. You cannot expect when your account may get inspected by an investigation officer regarding any misconduct you have done accidentally or have discussed something regarding a political party.

  • Destroy Personal or Business Repute
Social media nowadays have the power to build and destroy any person’s or business repute just by simply creating a false story and spread rumors on different platforms. Just like this many businesses can also face losses due to the bad image shared of the company on social media platforms.

  • Disturb Health
Extraordinary excess of anything is certainly bad. This thing also implies in the case of excess usage of social media can also cause negative impact on health. As exercise is the key to fitness, most people get lazy and overweight due to the excessive use of social media. It certainly will make you look overweight as there is no physical activity involve in it.

  • Loss of Life
You certainly not lose your life by simply using social media, but you might lose if you follow the stunts and dangerous activities shared on the internet over here. Like for example if a biker is doing dangerous stunts like jumping over the bridge, people usually attempts to do the same stunt in real life, which in result they get seriously injured or in some cases lose their precious life.

  • Unhealthy Sleep
Keeping aside the increasing rates of depression and anxiety among people, spending a colossal time on social media is also leading to poor sleep in people. There are several readings shared by professionals which have shown that social media has a destructive effect on human sleep.

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