How To Make Muscles Symmetrical: Grab Dumbbells

For the sake of preventing symmetry of the muscles, do our set of exercises once or twice a week - you can do it after the main part of the workout is over.

You probably noticed that with some "athletes" one half of the body develops faster than the other. For example, the chest - many complain of asymmetry. Or one hand becomes much stronger than the other. How to train to avoid such problems?

Here's a solution to the problem: it is necessary to do at least occasionally unilateral (or, to put it simply, one-sided) exercises: for example, those that load the arms one at a time. Such exercises contribute to a more harmonious development of the muscles surrounding the working joints, and do not allow a stronger arm or leg to take a portion of the load from the partner. For the sake of preventing symmetry of muscles, perform such a complex once or twice a week, at the end of the main part of the workout. Selecting the working weight of the dumbbell, orient yourself to the weaker side.

  • Traction case
Put your feet to the width of the pelvis, slightly bend your knees and straighten your back, in your right hand take a dumbbell, holding it as if you are carrying a suitcase. Starting with the pelvis retracted, sit down, so that the dumbbell moves to the floor in a vertical straight line. Starting from the floor with your feet, return to the starting position. Do the right amount of repetitions with each hand. Keep in mind that touching the floor with a dumbbell is optional. The main thing is to avoid rounding and rotation in the lumbar spine.

  • Bench press with one arm
Put your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bend your knees and straighten your back. With the right hand lift the dumbbell to the shoulder, turning the elbow forward. Slightly helping yourself with your legs, squeeze the dumbbell up, lifting it strictly over the shoulder of the working arm. Fix this position for a second, then return the projectile to its original position. Repeat the required number of times with each hand. In order to avoid unnecessary over-flexion of the spine, control the muscles of the buttocks throughout the whole approach - they should be tense.

  • Lunge back with one dumbbell
Put feet to the width of the pelvis. Straighten your back while taking a dumbbell in your right hand. Pull back with your right foot and fall into a lunge, almost touching the floor with your knee.
Try not to lean forward much and not to collapse in the direction of the hand holding the dumbbell. Return to the starting position and repeat. Do the right number of times for each leg.

  • Dumbbell bench press with one arm lying
Lie on the bench and bend your knees to a right angle. Take a dumbbell in your right hand and lift it above your chest, turning your palm inward. Swing your left hand to maintain balance. Trying to keep the forearm upright and bending the right arm in the elbow, lower the dumbbell to chest level. Return to the starting position. Do the right amount of repetitions for each hand. So that while performing this exercise you do not turn towards the working hand, strain your abdominal muscles - as if you are waiting for a blow in the gut.

  • Thrust dumbbells in the tilt with one hand
Feet pelvis width, back straight, legs bent, dumbbell in right hand. Lean forward and lower the projectile below the knees. Without turning the body in the direction of your right hand, pull the dumbbell toward you, forcefully reducing the shoulder blades. Hold for a second, then gently return to the starting position and repeat. Do the right amount of repetitions with each hand. Try all the time to keep the elbow pressed to the body and do not round the waist.

  • Turkish rise
Of all the unilateral exercises, the Turkish ascent is perhaps the most difficult and at the same time the most useful, since it trains the maximum muscles simultaneously. When you have mastered all the exercises described above, include this “lift” in the training.

Lie on your back, lifting a dumbbell in your left hand above the chest. Bend your left leg in the knee. A little helping yourself with your free hand, start lifting upwards, holding your hand with a dumbbell vertically. Having retracted the foot of the right leg, go to the lower lunge position. Then get up and hold your right leg to your left, still holding your arm with the dumbbell in an upright position. Repeating the movements in the reverse order, return to the floor.

Do 5–7 repetitions for each hand. For better control and balance, do not take your eyes off the dumbbell.

  • Men's Health advice
Perform all the exercises in a circle, not resting between them. Each has eight repetitions for each arm or leg. After finishing the circle, rest for 1 minute and repeat all over again 2-4 times. To get better muscles, you can buy hgh online from the reliable provider.

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