Importance of Accreditation

What are the Benefits of Hospital getting NABH and JCI Accreditation?

Commitment to create a culture of quality, patient safety, efficiency and accountability towards patient care The Accreditation at the hospitals is not only performed the evidence-based practices but also give Importance to Quality, Affordable, Non-Expensive, Effective Healthcare Services to the people. The Accredited Board is being supported by all stakeholders including industry, consumers, government, have full functional autonomy in its operation.

NABH is the public recognization by a national and international board of council and it is established in the year 2006 and it is the main Accreditation should be certified by every hospital in India and also many countries.

Importance of NABH and JCI Accreditation:
  1. The first Give Importance to patient safety.
  2. It Helps in Getting Quality Improvement plans.
  3. It provides staff efficiency according to standard procedure.
  4. It provides training according to the Accreditation standard.
  5. Patient will get dignity, equality respect at all times.
  6. Patients will get treated by quality staff .
  7. They will monitor the services for the improvement.
  8. They will solve the issues and complaints from the patients.
  9. They will solve the queries regarding the patients.
  10. Transparency in billing according to the tariff.
  11. Food served in canteen, rooms and other places in hospital safe and hygienic.
  12. All Equipment regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure accuracy of results.

  • Importance of Accreditation
NABH and JCI  are the two main Accreditation certification should be done by every hospital and it is a necessary certification for every hospital. Many hospitals will not have proper certifications to run the hospital so that patients will not get proper treatment and the medication charges also will be unfair and they will not be having proper medication facilities and they also have don't follow the medical rules and regulations to ensure that hospitals should be Accredited with the proper guidelines and There we have the genuine treatment all the people there will be equality in the treatment.

NABH has various Accreditation and Certification Programs are:
  1. Blood bank
  2. Hospital
  3. Primary health center
  4. Eye care organization
  5. Ayurvedic Hospital
  6. Small Healthcare Organization (SHCO)
  7. Dental Center
  8. Yoga and naturopathy hospital
  9. Wellness centers
  10. Pre-entry level for hospital
  11. Pre-entry level for SHCO
  12. Nursing excellence program
  13. Certification of emergency department in hospital
  14. Unani hospital

Health Institutions belonging to public sector undertaking e.g SAIL, NTPC, NALCO, MCL, OMC etc.  Hospitals belonging to Central Govt. Depts. like Defense, Railway, and ESI etc.  Missionary and Red Cross Hospitals.  The private Nursing Homes/ Hospitals registered under Orissa Clinical Establishment Act and renewed up to date are also eligible for accreditation.  RSBY accredited private hospitals to be given preference.

The Accreditation management will maintain  the records pertaining to the service package  for a minimum of 3 years. The Following documents have to be maintained by the accredited Health facility for the respective services Like : -
  1. Patient Healthcare records along with a copy of discharge receipt.
  2. Records of referral stating the reasons for the same.
  3. Financial records (as per the finance Monitoring Guidelines).

Advantages of Accreditation Process:
  1. Firstly They setup the Plans for the Improvement of the hospital
  2. They Improve the Quality care for the patient safety 
  3. They give importance to patient towards the Great satisfaction rate
  4. They will continuous Importance to support to the training to the Accreditation process
  5. It ensures Quality assurance of treatment for the patients
  6. Accreditation helps improve the confidence of the community towards the services provided by the hospital
  7. It provides the opportunity for the Hospital to benchmark its services with the best and in turn helps promote footfalls along with medical tourism.
  8. Accreditation will set your laboratory/organisation apart from your competitors. International Standards are an ideal management system model for laboratories/organizations because it aims to control quality costs, improve measurement accuracy and guarantee consistency of results.
  9. Accreditation plays a Important Role Notification and Appointment process. And they  provides the infrastructure for verifying the competencies of notified CABs, so that the ministries and other administrative bodies need not establish their own systems for that purpose. In this context, also their need for additional employment or outsourcing technical staff is diminished.
  10. Accreditation Places a Important role risk management system by using the credential services to the organization's and making time- and money-saving decisions.

NABH Accreditation Process to be followed by Every Hospital

  • Nominate the coordinator in the hospital
Coordinator should make the plans and strategy to obtain the accreditation for the hospital and he is the responsibility for all the  activities done by the hospital and he will responsible for the issues related to the patients,hospital staff and every issues and he should also maintain the quality assurance for the hospital

  • Knowing the standards
The hospital Management should Know the  rules and regulations regarding to the hospital and should implement to the hospital and they have to follow them strictly to gain the accreditation

  • Self-assessment
The Applicant Team should Download the Self-assessment team should download the assessment Toolkit and should be kept Practice Minimum Three months And they have to maintain it in the proper way and complies they need to respect the principle of confidentiality
NABH Standard Procedures before applying the Accredition process:
  1. First, obtain the NABH Accreditation Application Form
  2. Fill the Application form
  3. Finally, Pay and submit the Application form

Hospital should have the Accreditation Certificate so that the Patients will have the Proper medication With equality and there will the transparency in billing and genuine treatment for the patients not only patients will get the advantage even the hospital staff will get the many advantages and Mediance Consultancy is the  best Healthcare NABH Accredition Consulting Firm in delhi Our team have decades of experience as a healthcare consulting firm, including healthcare quality and accreditation and healthcare planning and designing. They are doctors, administrators and Quality Professional, and served in a wide range of positions, to deliver the best results in the healthcare Consulting Industry.our consultancy partners are innovobon consultancy (hyderabad),legance solutions (banglore),siam consultancy (dubai) and we are the best consultancy in the hospital planning & design consultant and we have completed many NABH and JCI Projects.

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