5 stunning destinations for monsoon India trip

Usually people do not recommend you to visit India during monsoon season. However, it is not the same for every inch of the country. Some destinations are best visited only during rainy season. Here are the top five such destinations in the country.

  • Munnar of Kerala
Munnar becomes a paradise during monsoon season. Although it receives heavy rainfall, the place would be fresh and refreshing throughout the season. The deep valleys, lush forests and majestic mountains would give a seasonal look to the place. The best attractions to enjoy during monsoon season are nature walk, spotting wildlife in the Western Ghats region of Anamudi, boating in lake, picnic near waterfall and much more.

  • Badami of Karnataka
Badami is a historic land, which is more than thousand years old and filled with sandstone landscape, ancient temples and an ultimate sublime look. To give a beauty stroke to the land, a lush waterfall flows through the region, making it one of the best places to visit during monsoon. The waterfall becoming lush is just one element to enjoy in monsoon. The struggling flora around the region flourish during this season, giving a green look to the land.

  • Malshej Ghat of Maharashtra
Located in Pune district, this waterfall is quite famous for nature lovers. During monsoon season, the waterfall will be impregnated with velvety water. The hills around it would be green, the air will be clear and most importantly, the valleys and lakes around it would be very lush. Best activities to enjoy during monsoon are bird watching, trekking, water activities, hiking and others. The monsoon would be mild to moderate and thus, you can enjoy a comfortable vacation.

  • Pushkar of Rajasthan
Pushkar is an ideal destination for everyone who want to enjoy a unique vacation during monsoon. No India tour is complete without adding Rajasthan to it. If you really want to enjoy every dimension of the country, Rajasthan would give the cultural view of the land. The naturally brown land of Pushkar would get a green makeover during monsoon season. The pleasing weather of the rain would add a grand look to the place. This is the right time for desert activities, camel rides and natural sightseeing.

  • Valley of Flowers of Uttarakhand
This would be the best choice for anyone looking for a natural paradise. This valley is literally carpeted with hues of vibrant flowers, bordered with white flowing streams and the snow background. The only problem with this destination is that, you need to trek 14 km to reach this beauty. This valley holds more than 500 species of flowers covering 87 square km. These 500 species of flowers will bloom only after the first shower of rain.

Not every travel package proposed by a site or agent would suite the monsoon climate of the land. Choose specific monsoon packages or choose destinations that are cliché monsoon paradises of India.

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