Which Yacht is the best choice for your next Yacht Cruise Dinner Dubai?

Hosting a corporate event in Dubai might be the easiest and perhaps one of the toughest things. You might ask why? The reason being that there are a lot of options to have an ideal corporate event in Dubai. Many business owners choose to go with the option of hosting their event on a luxury yacht. Although the confusion ends here, the selection of yacht might leave many worried.

To make it easier for you, we have listed down three luxurious yachts suited for all kind of formal and corporate events. Read about them carefully, analyze which one fits best for your needs.
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1. Lotus Mega Yacht

When you are planning a Lotus mega yacht cruise dinner, one thing that you need to take care of is the number of guests you are expecting or have invited so that you can plan things accordingly in advance. Since this yacht is 220 feet long, you can invite over a thousand guests without any second thought. This yacht is preferred for events like annual parties and dinners, prize distribution ceremonies, huge closing dinners, etc.

Having a high-end music system, this yacht makes sure to keep the guests entertained with good surround music. Not only that but this gigantic yacht also has a great kitchen where you can arrange live cooking and grilling to feed your guests.

2. Desert Rose Yacht

What is great about this yacht? Well, it offers you the opportunity to host a great corporate event at the lowest cost possible since it can be rented at a comparatively lesser rate. Although this yacht can entertain around 250 guests at one time, it does serve as the perfect choice for small corporate gatherings.

The fact that it has a high-end furnishing and equipment and gives you an ideal ambiance for the event cannot be ignored at all. Many people choose this yacht for their Mega yacht cruise Dubai marina event.

3. Virgo Yacht

For most small corporate events, Virgo yacht will serve as an ideal choice since it offers enough space with no compromise on the luxurious ambiance and great facilities. Virgo yacht offers three bedrooms, two saloons, a fully-gripped gallery, separate crew rooms, and four restrooms which are always a great addition to entertaining your guests in the best way possible.

This yacht is although only 88 feet long but it is great for both indoor and outdoor fun. The custom-built interiors in this yacht make it more visually appealing.

Wondering what is the best part about this yacht? It has a total of seven screens on the yacht which will ensure your guests are not bored at any given point throughout the event.

What yacht will you choose for Mega Yacht Cruise Dubai Marina Event?

Now that you have gone through this list of 3 yachts suitable for any kind of small or large corporate gathering, it is up to you to go for which one of these.

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