Ice Cream Diet - Ever Heard Of It? Meet The New "Crazy" Diets

At first, we tend to imagine ice cream and diet as two things that do not fit together. But the ice cream diet is there to prove otherwise. This is a least delicious slimming option. Do not you think it's worth knowing a little more about it? At Baked Comfort Food you will get to know more about delicious and healthy recipes and dessert tips for you.

Is This Serious?

Yes, many nutritionists recommend adding ice cream to the daily menu of a weight loss diet, provided it is a low-fat, low-calorie ice cream.

Some extra care also needs to be observed, such as maintaining a healthy diet, without fatty and caloric foods.

The explanation for the benefit provided by the inclusion of the ice cream would be in the increase of the  consumption of calcium , present mainly in the creamy ice creams, because when the body does not obtain enough calcium, it ends up activating the cells to store more fat.

In fact, in a recent survey, overweight people were divided into two groups, both undergoing the same calorie reduction diet. However, one of the groups received, in addition to diet, a complementation of calcium. Because this group had significantly better rates of weight and fat loss than the other group.

Menu Suggestion

For this diet, the daily menu could contain, for example:
  • A breakfast with a slice of brown bread, a slice of minas cheese and a glass of soy juice;
  • A fruit for the morning snack;
  • A lunch consisting of grilled meat, mashed potatoes, a salad and cooked lentils;
  • For afternoon snack, a fruit and a glass of vitamin beaten with skim milk;
  • A dinner with grilled chicken, boiled vegetables, a salad and as a dessert a ball of ice cream;
  • A fruit for the evening supper.

Followed strictly, this diet can lead to a loss of up to four pounds in a two week interval.

  • A More Radical Alternative
Some nutritionists advocate a more radical ice cream diet. They consider that ice cream is a complete food, composed of fat, protein and sugars, and so can even replace one of the main meals of the day, such as lunch, for example. But some care needs to be observed.

The idea of this diet is to provide a rapid loss of weight and so it should be applied for a week and only repeated a month later. Practiced in this way, it is possible to obtain a rapid loss of 2 to 3 pounds. If applied continuously, the tendency is that the immediate results will not hold.

Another care to be taken is that since it is an effort to lose weight, preference should be given to fruit popsicles, which are lighter and contain fewer calories than milk based ice creams.

  • Beware Of Excess Calories
Being able to make an ice cream diet does not mean a green sign to abuse the calories. To choose well the ice creams that will make up your menu, take this into account.

See the following list of the amount of calories present in 100 grams of some different flavors of ice cream:
  • Soy milk: 102 calories;
  • Strawberry: 120 calories;
  • Lemon: 130 calories;
  • Vanilla: 180 calories;
  • Hazelnut: 185 calories;
  • Pistachio: 200 calories;
  • Cream: 218 calories;
  • Coconut: 240 calories;
  • Chocolate: 240 calories.

How Does This Ice Cream Diet Work?

Choosing lunch as the meal that will be replaced by ice cream in the diet week, observe the following habits:
  • For breakfast and dinner, eat healthy, without consuming too many calories. Choose whole grains, fresh foods and an appropriate dosage of healthy proteins and fats;
  • Remember that the idea is to replace the lunch with the ice cream and not to complement the lunch with a frozen dessert;
  • Although fruit popsicles are healthier options, they are likely to be too mild to provide the necessary support for the body. So you can mix fruit flavors with some more full-bodied, milk-based ice cream;
  • Whoever for some reason can not or does not want to consume animal milk may choose ice cream based on vegetable milk, such as soybeans;
  • Handmade ice creams are better than industrialized ones because the latter contain a number of substances that make them less healthy.

Menu Suggestion:
For the week of the ice cream diet, you can adopt a menu inspired by the Mediterranean diet , based on:
  • A breakfast consisting of yogurt (or milk) with breakfast cereals, or a fruit juice with whole wheat bread, cheeses and cold cuts, or a tea, toast and ricotta;
  • A "lunch" mixing lighter, fruit-like ice creams with more full-bodied ice creams;
  • A dinner with healthy dishes like a roasted fish, a vegetable soup, salads, a risotto;
  • Fruits, biscuits and yogurt are natural throughout the day.

The ice cream diet is not recommended for obese or diabetic people . In both cases, a better controlled feeding is required. It is worth remembering that the ice cream diet is not a dietary re - education process , it only promotes a quick way of losing weight.

More Ice Cream:
In addition to the diets that include ice cream on the menu, there are also so-called slimming ice cream, made with ingredients such as low-fat yogurt, various fruits, and even metabolism-accelerating items such as red tea, white tea and green tea.

Beware of the excesses. Just as there are positive experiences of weight loss from the ice cream diet, there are also reports of people who have crossed the line and come to the opposite result. There are even disastrous reports of people who simply abolished the consumption of other types of food, starting to eat exclusively of ice cream.

And as with other diets, the ice cream diet assumes that the type of diet that favors weight loss is that based on moderation. Moderation in the quantities consumed and moderation in the definition of the menu, both in the choice of ice creams and in the choice of everything that is not ice cream.

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