Best Dedicated Server Hosting for Games

Chances are, you’ve heard about people talking about dedicated servers and making use of them to host massive multiplayer online games connecting people around the country and world ensuring gamer are having a good time.

With the introduction of the biggest sandbox and multiplayer games, there is no wonder why the demand for game hosting server are in high demand. Moreover, with the release of games such as Minecraft, Dota and alike, the demand has grown larger for dedicated servers to handle the gamer’s need efficiently and to avail the customized environment gaining better control over it.

Maybe you’re a little skeptical to opt best game server hosting provider, and rightfully so. We all know better than to believe everything we explore on the web.

Here’s the thing:

If you Google it, you’ll find lots of where you are getting best dedicated server hosting, but nothing about how you can figure out if that hosting will best work for you.

As there are many hosting providers for meeting largely growing needs of dedicated game servers, we know how difficult it can be to opt the right one.

They can market you on the basis of server resources, what you can avail, and at what price you will get.

These are secrets many game hosts would gladly pay real money to learn, but it won’t cost you a thing — other than a few minutes of your time.

In this guide, we’ll share tips used by professional game hosts to host games that are adored by millions of people. You’ll learn the secrets to how to choose the best components for the game server.


Okay, you’re stoked to deliver a reliable and high-performance game server environment for a gamer. And you know it’s not an easy task. Now what?

We’ve companies that compiles everything we need to build superior server types, components and networks for better gaming experience, but we often ignore all that in our rush to the next thing. Coupled with top-notch technical support via 24/7 live chat, email, tickets and phone, you can’t go wrong with AGMWebHosting.

Here are few things to think about while choosing dedicated server hosting for games.

  • Comprehend Server Type
You already know the importance of server type that best suits for hosting multiplayer games. Cloud and Dedicated are the superior game servers options. Cloud Servers simply delivers higher performance on a budget with resources being spread across an entire cluster of servers. to improve your writing, but it can be hard to notice anything deeper than the obvious; While Dedicated servers are ideal choice if your game is going to host many players, it offers greater value to your gamer clients ensuring better performance for gaming. If you’re seeking for the deals, there will be often promotions on dedicated server with different companies, as they may not be as expensive as you might think.

  • Processor Requirements to Ensure Higher Efficiency
Each game differs in CPU resource usage. So start researching hardware requirements as there’s no universal minimum hardware requirement. However, you may find certain game types typically needs more processing power, storage and memory than others. Generally, a lower amount of CPU cores at higher clock speed works best as many games do not effectively spread resources between multiple cores. Open-world games with detailed environments where you are going to have number of players in range between 50 to 100 necessitates much higher hardware requirement say at least 250GB storage and 32 GB RAM, than a small level with few number of players say 10–15 in a game.. What’s more, this offers enough resources allowing you to scale your player base if needed.

  • Make Right Selection of Hard Drive:
Always look no further than employing SSDs drives over traditional hard drives in making hard drive type selection. It helps you to add a performance increase reducing game loading time and latency. To further increase gaming experience, set up RAID as it adds redundancy in case if disk failure occurs.

  • Network Bandwidth Requirement
You’ll need to determine how much monthly bandwidth your server demands to deliver a superior gaming experience. Thus, it is a good idea to review the bandwidth space requirements for your needs and look for the flexibility to upgrade later as the needs grow.

  • DDoS Protection
Every server on the internet is vulnerable to the DDoS attack. On the flip side, if you ensure that your server are under highly secured environment, you may avoid server botnets to target on your server in order to take it offline, often for a ransom. Don’t let such nasty attacks interrupt the crucial game. Thus, it is wise to add DDoS protection to your game hosting services ensuring advanced protection against such nasty attacks and avoid interruption of the crucial game.

Traffic are constantly monitored through AGM’s DDoS protection appliances. Thus, it aids in resulting no delay in protection against biggest threats so that you can rest easy.

Which one to choose – managed game server hosting or the normal(i.e.unmanaged) one?

This is the most common dilemma among gamers. It’s exact answer entirely depends upon what server type you’re going with, how easy it is to set it up and how experienced you’re on this. Here are some good scenarios and use cases for your ease.
  1. If you do have experience with the server set up and management, go with the unmanaged one. It’s lot way cheaper. You can do it on your own and save extra bucks of money for investment in the other things to help grow your business.
  2. If you don’t have that much experience with servers, but do know little about how to install, configure and run it then go with the managed one. With a managed plan, you can solely focus on your part of management only and all the things regarding server side will be taken care by your hosting provider only letting you to rest easy. This makes the job of hosting your game extremely easy and ensures better performance for the game users.

Bottom Line
So you’ve got a better idea of what components you need to seek for before opting any dedicated server hosting provider company as the service provider. Plus, you don’t need to spend ages looking for reliable and affordable game server hosting plan.

Did I mention that I experienced the another level service support from AGM Web Hosting’s dedicated server plan without having to fear a little?


So please, don’t tell me you can’t go with it’s plan catering your all requirements. You absolutely can.

Yet, you’re doubting me? Well, taste their services and know in your own.


Have a good day!!!


Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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