Adobe Spark Alternatives : 5 Best Similar Video Editing Software In 2019

The visual contents are decisive in an effective communication and marketing strategy because they help to make immediate content, simple to understand, and more attractive to the recipients to whom the communication is addressed.If you don't have any knowledge of which excellent video editing programs you can try except Adobe Spark, here are 5 of the best video editing apps to create fantastic video content.

FlexClip may apparently look like a very basic video making tool, and this is due to the fact that its options allow you to cut videos and make small customization that you can then join together. In fact, it is a great online tool to create video summaries, without giving up the charm of a captivating result, thanks to the powerful functions and an intuitive interface.You will be able to create an exciting storyline, also adding caption texts, background music, logo, voice-over, etc. What’s more, you could use the predefined templates to edit tech reviews, marketing tutorials, birthday invitations and even wedding wishes.

VivaVideo is considered by many to be one of the best video editors available for Android. You can make automatic photo videos, music videos, collages with images or videos. The very special thing is that this app has editing tools that allow the addition of stickers, animations, effects, texts, sounds, music, transitions and entire themes. What’s more, you can record videos up to 5 minutes. The other notable thing in this program is the possibility of using the "slow-motion" and "fast-motion" effects, which will allow you to slow down or speed up the video in the points you prefer.

YouTube Video Editor is probably one of the most famous tools in the field of online video editing, especially because, often, video mounters tend to upload them to the known platform. Thanks to this integrated software, even if you frequently use YouTube you will be able to perform video editing directly on this platform, and without sacrificing quality and professionalism, the instrument has many editing options and graphic effects, and is also very fast and easy to use. Its best feature, then, is the ability to upload the video to your channel immediately.

KineMaster has a surprisingly well-done feature set considering the small user interface, which allows you to edit multiple layers. It also offers the possibility to change color, brightness and saturation to the loaded clips. Moreover, it is possible to add 3D transition effects and you can choose pre-set themes and visual effects. With KineMaster, you can cut your video clips frame by frame. The only drawback is that to remove the app's logo from the edited video, and you need to switch to the paid Premium version.

WeVideo is one of the best platforms for online video editing, since it allows you to upload any video clip, and edit it using basic and non-editing options, such as transactions. But this site also has other advantages, it allows you to create an open project and invite your friends to make the changes they want and, when the project is finished, share the result on the most famous social networks. In addition, you can also modify various aspects of the audio and, as we have already mentioned, intervene on the graphics by applying transactions and basic effects, including text or comics.

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