Best Things To Do In Monsoon Season On Andaman Island

Andaman Island is a popular holiday destination for those looking to get away from the mainland.  Surrounded by vast expanses of blue, the terrain home to tropical forests, beaches and other unique geographic wonders such as spectacular limestone caves and mud volcanoes is indeed a pleasure to explore, more so on an extended holiday. Holidaying in the Andaman Island during the monsoon season is nothing short of an adventure if you are willing to brave the inclement weather, delays or cancellation of flights or ferry services, power cuts and probably lack of choice when it comes to wining and dining.

However an off-season trip to this destination proves quite rewarding in other ways. You most likely will get a room at the hotel of your choice and also enjoy significant discounts on flight tickets and accommodation, as well as avoid the typical holiday crowd. Monsoon usually doesn’t dampen your holiday spirit as there are quite a few things that you can do to keep yourself engaged, unless there are heavy rains or storm that forces you to stay indoors.

Planning a flexible itinerary should work perfectly well when visiting Andaman between May and September. Most tourist attractions are open to tourists unless weather conditions are extreme.

  • Visit The Cellular Jail
The Cellular Jail in Port Blair is a historic monument with a haunting past.  The solitary confinement cells in this punishment center are still quite daunting and remind visitors of the torture and poor living conditions that the inmates were exposed to.  Though a little disturbing, the well-maintained premises and interspersed with greenery is likely to make the experience less intense.  The Sound and Light Show at the Cellular Jail is a popular event that showcases the history and significance of this edifice.  While heavy rains tend to affect the schedules of this show, you may be lucky enough to watch it if the weather is just fine.

  • Take a stroll on the scenic beaches
While basking out on the sun-kissed beaches and getting an enviable tan are an integral part of a beach holiday, watching the waves lashing at the shores in the backdrop the dark heavy clouds is a different experience altogether.  A long walk along the shores of the Radhanagar Beach,  Kalapathar or Elephant Beach in the picturesque Havelock Island, the Corbyn’s Cove or Wandoor Beach in Port Blair,  Laxmanpur, Sitapur or Bharatpur beaches in Neil Island or the more secluded and off-beat beaches at Rangat is an experience you are bound to cherish forever. Depending on the duration of your trip, visit as many beaches as possible.

  • Enjoy Island Hopping
The Monsoon season may not be a great time to explore the seas, but the weather permitting, ferry services across islands are usually active.  Apart from the most popular and immensely beautiful Havelock and Neil islands with their own beaches and other tourist attractions there are host of other islands too that are worth a visit.

Ross and Smith Islands linked by a narrow stretch of fine sands, the Jolly Buoy Island, Viper Island,  Baratang Island, Parrot Island, Long Island, Rangat and several other islands well-connected with each other are ideal for a short visit. Barren Island, home to the only active volcano in South Asia too warrants a visit. Tourists are allowed to view the Barren Volcano from the safety of the ferry, which usually circles the island before heading back. These waters around the Barren Island make a great scuba-diving destination; however, diving may not be permitted during the monsoon season.

Trust your tour operator to safely ferry you back to your hotel should you get stranded on any of the Islands!

  • Explore Diglipur
The off-beat town of Diglipur does not attract holiday crowds because of its remote location.  Diglipur may not have luxurious and comfortable accommodation or food choices available at the other tourist attractions, but the place is a truly delightful getaway for nature lovers.  The Mangrove forests and beach in Ram Nagar, the Lamiya and Kalipur beaches, the Saddle Peak that stands 800 meters above sea-level and the surrounding National Park, mud-spewing volcanoes at Shyam Nagar set right amidst thick forests, and the intricate network of 42 limestone caves known as Alfred Caves are but some of the attractions that you must visit to fully appreciate the natural bounty of this land.
Make sure you hire a local guide when exploring Diglipur as the terrain is challenging, more so during the rains.

The limestone caves here and in Baratong Islands are known shift shapes especially during the monsoon as rain waters seep through the limestone.

  • Indulge in piping hot local food
Monsoon is a great time to enjoy hot and spicy fare of the seafood. As for vegetarians, there is no dearth of comfort food that you are accustomed to back home. Both South and North Indian cuisine are quite popular in the Andaman Islands. Select luxury restaurants and hotels also offer multi- cuisine meals that cater to tourists from across the world. A lot of tour packages from Andaman Tourism includes delicious local delicacies. Seafood stalls at the beachfront may be active if the weather is favorable making a visit to the beach even more rewarding.

  • Indulge in Water Sports
Andaman Island is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. In fact it is an all-year destination that caters to tourists irrespective of the seasons.  Typically the regular monsoon season has a fair share of sunny and rainy days, with the day clearing up after a bout of heavy showers at times.  Almost all water sporting options such as Glassboat rides, Scuba-Diving, Jet Skiing are available, except for sea-walks and snorkeling at select spots like the Elephant Beach. However water sporting at North Bay is usually open unless the weather conditions are really bad.

An off-season holiday in Andaman Island is bound to be thrilling, exciting, enjoyable and visually quite rewarding as the entire terrain looks definitely different after the showers!  Your trip definitely may not go as planned; hence be prepared for last minute surprises!

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