Best Ways To Say Eid Mubarak

Eid is a big festival of Muslims and hold great religious significance in Muslims. Eid celebrations areoneof the best time of the Muslims. In Muslims there are two types of Eid; one is EidULFitr which is celebrated at the end of fasting month Ramadan while the other one is Eid UL Adha, it is the culmination of the Hajj in which sacrificial animals are killed, eaten and distributed among poor’s.

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. All physically mature and healthy Muslims are indebted to fast for this month. The reason behind Fasting, as an act of worship and obedience to pay Allah (God). Eid is mainly a three-day festival which takes place at the end of the month. Before this one has to follow a set of rules which is laid down in the sacred text of Muslims. In this month long ritual involves waking up early in the morning with morning prayers and sehri called as meal before sun rise. During the period of fasting Muslims abstain from all food, drink and any kind of sexual contact, they break their fast only after sunset. They believe it’s the month of strengthening their relationship with creator i.e. Allah. It’s a month of good deeds, spiritual reflection, and prayer. There are several benefits of fasting like:

Ø Fasting is intended to inculcate self-discipline, self-control and kindness.
Ø The main objective of fasting is to remind oneself of the sufferings.
Ø Fasting gives an opportunity to cleanse the body and mind.
Ø Fasting helps to feel the peace that comes with the spiritual devotion.

Ways to wish Eid:
The month of Ramadan is a pious month for Muslims. There are several ways to wish Eid to your loved ones like you can send SMS, tweets, or update Facebook status. Here are some steps to celebrate Eid:

Ø First get up early in the morning.
Ø According to the Muslim tradition eat some sweets like custard, halwa puri, falooda, milk or anything else.
Ø Go and attend the Eid prayer and listen to the imam’s sermon.
Ø Now it’s the time to make a blast with your Family and friends. Go to your friend’s home if they invited you.
Ø Gifts is the best way to express the feeling of joy. Exchange gifts with your family and friends.

In Ramadan, Muslims are desired to lead an honorable life in which forgive and forget their rivals are the most important wish of this month. The month-long fast ends on the day of Eid. In the month of Ramadan, mosques are filled with worshippers. People do more charity work in this month. Believe in brotherhood strengthened, anger and temper are controlled and an atmosphere of peace prevails. This festival is celebrated all over the world with very few variations. The true meaning of the celebration of Eid, gives you an opportunity to relish in the local delights. Each year this fiesta takes place with great enthusiasm and joy. Eid Mubarak!!!

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