Dubai is all touristy from the ravishing attractions to the beautiful skylines but other than that the desert safari is something everyone looks up to. It is highly recommended to make a trip to the desert safari for a cool Emirati experience. Imagine the time before cars were invented, camels were considered to be the main source of transportation. This experience at the desert safari is always on everyone's bucket list. Just imagine the golden time when the sun meets the moon and both shine together in the desert. You will just be fascinated by the red-brown and yellow sand dunes at the desert safari.

You get to experience a day in the life of a local tribe member which is absolutely amazing at the desert safari. The red traditional Arabic scarf which is meant for men but would not look absurd on women too. Desert safari depicts just sand and sand dunes as far as your eyes could see, with the skyline at the horizon. Desert safari might remind you of the book by Paulo Coelho named as Al Chemist where it is so much adventure to be surrounded by sand dunes that seem to go forever.

The barren beauty of sand dunes is different from any other landscape on earth. No greenery, no plants, no life, no rolling hills or blue lakes, and yet the never-ending ocean of golden sand can leave you mesmerized. Desert safari is beautiful in its loneliness and beautiful in its simplicity.

It is about life in the camps at the desert safari where you get the opportunity to live in a sort of community. You get to experience dining tables lined up with cushions and carpets with traditional chairs. It gives a vibe of an old Arab dinner where different stalls are put up and you are free to avail any of them. The desert safari stalls might include henna painting, dates, gahwa called as the Arabic tea, an area where one can smoke sheesha. Just imagine how bookish story type seems to be until and unless you get to experience the beautiful and glorious reality.

When it comes to food not everyone is fond of this kind of cuisine.  The best of all is barbecued chicken, lamb, and fish. The smell of all the food is very strong because of the spices but it tastes delicious.  Next, you get to experience the belly dance performed by a beautiful woman who catches every male attention. haha! Then comes up the tanoura dance performed by males and shows the colorful rainbow costumes worn by them which are a treat to the eyes.

Pro tip for you all do not forget to bring along your tripods if you have cameras, so you can capture the beautiful sky and the sand dunes. Do not carry huge bags since it is not easy to handle and take care of them. Many people forget their belongings and then keep searching for them, so why not keep it sweet and small. For further details visit:

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