The rapid progress in digital marketing introduces new trends and strategies every year. Marketing changed a lot in the past 5 years and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Businesses need new strategies to succeed in their efforts every year because your past year strategies might not match with the latest trends. Digital marketing landscape of 2019 encompasses social media, SEO, PPC, content marketing and much more perceives a dramatic change. Here are the top 8 digital marketing services in Islamabad strategies you need to get in hand in 2019.

  • Omnichannel Marketing
Omnichannel is quite similar to multichannel where you set up several marketing touchpoints and they buttress each other to ease a client through their purchasing journey. Though both have similarities, Omnichannel is more universal than multichannel. While using Omnichannel marketing strategy, you create marketing touchpoints that work together on every available channel that your customer uses. The strategy is ideal in generating new business as it builds positive customer experience that eventually increases your client retention rates. Social media is the top digital marketing channel other approachable channels include Ephemeral video, smartphone apps, podcasts, live broadcast, SMs, live chat and press release.

  • SEO A/B Split Testing
One of the must know SEO marketing strategy in 2019, SEO A/B split testing works like other split testing which allows you to isolate the variables by increasing traffic so you can take the targeted approach to content changes. Marketing is all about testing and platforms like Clickflow propose pages with untapped SEO potential which brings increase in clicks and traffic. Clickflow enables you to choose your target CTR increase and then serves up pages along with keyword report listing about what your page is ranking for and what keywords can bring more traffic.

  • Artificial Intelligence
AL or Artificial intelligence is the cutting-edge technology pulling its weight in the marketing world this year. Proffers myriad combination of possibilities, from empowering customer segmentation to push notification, retargeting to click tracking and even content. Your goals and channel decides how Al works for your digital marketing portfolio. Al just not led to more sales but also improve your customer service. artificial intelligence achieve growth goals through personalization, now business can personalize their marketing to each lead to turn them from MQL (marketing qualified lead) to SQL (sales qualified lead).

  • Chatbots
Interacting with other people is part of human nature and that’s the main reason why interacting sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are extremely popular. Though, they’re perfect place to interact with new people but not the end-all answer to becoming close to customers. For this you need to add a chatbot on your site   in order to interact with visitors. Thanks to the advancement in artificial intelligence, chatbots now have improved ability to hold a basic conversation with visitors and can answer most-asked questions just like the live human customer support representative. It is cheaper than the actual person and can provide immediate response to customers’ question.

  • Personalization
Providing right content to the right audience at the right time can add big value to your content marketing strategy as it play crucial role in boosting your users’ engagement rates. The need for a personalized approach in marketing is becoming more and more important. Personalizing content depend on the data of visitors to deliver right content to right audience. Relies on depicting dynamic landing pages based on certain criteria such as demographic, geographic or behavioral attributes along with anticipated targeted call to actions for the reason of converting them more efficiently.

  • Programmatic Advertising
Ad management is full time job that requires effort of whole team to deal with this but still because of so many new channels to interact with customers it becomes very hard to manage the advertising properly. To deal with this more and more companies now seeking help from Al. programmatic Advertising is best strategy in this regard. The process uses Al to buy and place advertisements based on the targeted is predicted that by the end of 2020, more than 86% of all digital display ads will be buy through automated channels. Programmatic advertising can occur in real time unlike traditional advertising. It extends beyond cyberspace and can be used to buy and sell different kinds of media. This advertising relies on a combination of big data, automation and technical expertise.

  • Video Marketing
Since years video marketing is one of the most important strategies for big brands. In US alone video marketing will make up over 85 % of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. The common man at his house will watch most of the YouTube videos that won’t be uploaded by big brands or business but by individuals. The production aspect is the biggest hang-up that many businesses have with video marketing. They all want their videos to look professional but keep in mind that people don’t want dazzling special effects in videos they watch on YouTube but want good content that’s informative, captivating, story-driven and entertaining.

  • AMP and PWA
Search engines like Google can drive a gigantic amount of traffic and about 60 % of search traffic comes from mobile devices. When the loading time of website increases, it also increase the bounce rate which negatively lead to a lower Google ranking. To deal with the need of speed Google initiated the Accelerated Mobile Pages project. AMP pages load a page in less than 0.5 seconds which creates lower bounce rate for your page. There are over 4 billion AMP pages on the web right now. PWA or Progressive Web apps serve as middle ground between normal responsive website and native app. It endeavors the advantages of both, mobile site and native app without their downfalls. PWA provides many advantages including faster loading time, better website experience, no need of user download, eliminates app development costs and users can create a shortcut on their smartphones. Both are good strategies to opt this year as PWA helps to omit high cost of building mobile app while AMP improve your site rank on Google searches.

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