Top 5 Most Common Boiler Problems in 2019

Experiencing a gas boiler breakdown can be frustrating. The frustration gets even worse if the failure comes during the cold months. It is essential to alert a professional if you notice a problem in your gas boiler that you cannot fix yourself.Our plumber has lots of experience from years of repairing faulty boilers.

Our plumber is readily available to fix faults in gas boilers. Contact 4D heating and plumbing, and we will help fix the faults. From our experience, there are some common gas boiler problems which we are familiar with, and they include:

  • Leaking In Boilers:
Leaking in gas boilers is very common, and there are a couple of reasons why your gas boiler could start leaking. Ill-fitting pipes, corrosion and faulty temperature valves are some things that could trigger leaking in gas boilers. Leaking gas boilers can be dangerous as they can lead to short-circuiting of the electrical components within the gas boilers. It could also lead to structural damages within the building. If you notice that your gas boilers are leaking, quickly contact 4D heating and plumbing as our plumber are familiar with these problems and their solutions.

  • No Heating:
If your gas boiler is no longer producing hot water or heat, it is faulty. It could be as a result of broken pumps, motorised valve failures, low water level or faults in the thermostats. A gas boiler that no longer produces heat does not always need a replacement. We have well-trained professionals at 4D Heating and Plumbing who can easily fix the broken component or find a solution and have your boilers heating up in no time.

  • Frozen Condensate Pipe:
If the condensate pipe in your gas boiler is frozen, it will undoubtedly malfunction. The condensate pipe takes the wastewater from the condensing process and sends it to the sewer. During winter, the weather could cause the condensate pipe to freeze, especially if it is fixed externally or in a low heated area. There are some rules in fixing gas boilers which could prevent the condensate pipe from freezing, and our plumbers is familiar with these rules.

If your pipe is frozen, thawing it out using a hot water bottle or wastewater, pouring warm water on it can thaw it.

  • Pilot Light Continuously Going Off:
If the thermocouple in the gas boiler is broken, it could cause the pilot light to keep going off. There are other possible reasons for the unstable state of your pilot light. Our plumber is always ready to help detect the problem and fix it.

  • Pressure Loss:
A good plumber knows how to fix a gas boiler with low pressure. Loss of pressure could be as a result of leaking in the system or a faulty pressure valve.

Hidden Flues
Fan-assisted gas boilers that have concealed flues can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. If your flue is hidden behind a wall, ceiling or chimney, you’ll need to install an inspection hatch to check it and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. At 4D heating and plumbing, highly experienced plumbers can help in the installation of the inspection hatch.

We Can Help!
Contact 4D heating and plumbing on 020 3475 3026 today and our plumber are available to fix all your gas boiler problems. We are always glad to help!

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