Why A DR Backup Is Absolutely Necessary For A Company

Data is one of the most vital part of a company, especially if it is a customer relation company. How can a company become popular if it cannot offer basic protection for its customer’s data? Cyber-attacks and natural disasters can happen at any time, organizations can’t always avoid them so it’s best to have a DR Backup plan for them to quickly get things back up and running.

Let’s talk about exactly what could go wrong or happen which might lead to a disaster recovery.

  • Natural Disasters
The first one is pretty obvious. As the name suggests, it is pretty horrific. Natural disasters can be predicted but cannot be stopped. The only thing you can do is setup a DR Backup for your data. It is basically a set of action taken before, during and after a disaster has been struck. The sole goal of this is help a company protect its data and make sure that the operations continue after the attack has passed. 

Companies residing in the vicinity of these attacks suffer the most and should prioritize setting up a DR Backup plan immediately as without one they are at a risk of going out of business as downtime may range for a few months to even a year. A DR Backup plan enables them to be up to speed on what to do when struck by a natural disaster and avoid excessive amount of downtime.

  • Cyber-Attacks
Although these are not really known as natural disasters but can be really disastrous for a company. If not prepared, a company can lose a lot almost all of its data and money in order to gain back access to their data and as a result, suffer a lot of downtime. Having a DR Backup enables them to recover their data in a matter of minutes with zero to none downtime.

Benefits of a DR Backup Plan
  • Long Term Data Protection
  • Minimizes downtime with less RTOs and RPOS
  • Improved Security for your mission critical data
  • Business Continuity
  • Protection against Ransomware and other security threats

In Conclusion:
Setting up a DR Backup plan has become more vital than ever. Most companies cannot afford downtime of less than 1 hour, according to reports. Any time more than that could cost them millions and put them at a risk of going out of business. A DR Backup plan ensures business continuity and little to none downtime. If you want to Continue your business services smoothly then you adopt cloud connect backup to secure and backup your data from Cyber-attacks and natural disasters.

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