7 Kinds of Succulents Which Are Famous In The Entire World

The term succulent originates from the Latin word “sucus,” indicating sap or juice. Succulents are bulky beefy kinds of plants with ornamental stems. The succulents are indigenous to the dry climatic area of Central America and Africa. The membranes of these plants have accommodated such arid climatic conditions, and that is the reason why these plants have fleshy and thick stems or leave that stock water.

Because of artistic leaves or stems and beautiful blossoms, these plants are utilized in several suspended planters and also in bouquets. One of the most unusual peculiarities of these plants is that they do not require frequent watering and can last with nominal care. That is the reason why these plants are climbing the popularity graphs and creating a spot in people’s bedrooms and living rooms.

If you intend to take home more of these drought-resistant kinds of succulent plants, then you can order them through online flower delivery in Kolkata. Let us have a look below on some of these succulents:

1. Aloe Vera - Who isn’t aware of the astounding advantages of Aloe Vera? They are indeed the most famous of all plants. It is simple to sustain this plant, and that drives to its tremendous reputation as a popular houseplant. The gel obtained from its stalks are utilized to heal infections and wounds. The gel also assists in making the hair silky, eliminating dark spots on the skin, and giving a supple, soft, and younger-looking skin. Keep in mind that it thrives abundantly in well-drained soil and gives partial or indirect sunlight.

2. Moonstone Succulent - The scientific name for Moonstone succulent is Pachyphytum oviferum, which implies bulky plant carrying eggs. The foliages are pale bluish-purple to blue-green and seem like a candied almond sweet. It is indigenous to Mexico. You can install them in your home wherever you want, like in a little pot for your study desk or the suspended glass terrarium. Wait for wintertime to early spring because you will witness adorable pink bell-shaped blossoms on it. An excellent option if you want to send flowers to Chennai.

3. Hoya kerrii - It is also known as the sweetheart plant and has grown extremely prevalent as Valentine’s Day plant. The reason for that is its heart-shaped stalk. Hoya plant will need a room with decent light to develop, although it could be maintained in a dimmer place. But keep in mind that an excessive darkroom is also not advisable for this plant.

4. Jade Plant - Also acknowledged as crassula ovata, this plant is pretty famous as a houseplant. This plant possesses a bulky body with branches that protrude like an adorable miniature tree. The leaves of this plant are oval-shaped and are shiny, thick, and deep green. In a few categories of these plants, you might witness the color red at the peak of the leaves. When completely ripe, this plant provides rise to white or pink blossoms that are in the shape of a star.

5. Lipstick Echeveria - If you desire a vivid succulent amidst your green plants, you could purchase this one. The lime green-hued leaves possess red edges that gleam like lipstick, which is the reason why this title is given. A bit of sunlight and partial shade are vital for its development.

6. Zebra Plant - This plant is also known as Haworthia fasciata; these plants are famous because of their distinctive features. It has thick leaves that are dark green and possess white horizontal streaks on them. In the summer season, you need to water it abundantly and decrease that during the winter season. Also, keep in mind to give it partial sunlight.

7. Donkey’s Tail - The scientific name of this succulent is “Sedum morganianum.” It is also acknowledged as Burro’s tail. This plant is a category of blooming plants in the Crassulaceae family that is indigenous to Honduras and Southern Mexico. It possesses a lengthy trail of beefy blue-green leaves and bears red to pink blossoms in summer. You could take this charming succulent home and nurture it in both outdoor and indoor.

Remember that it needs a sufficient quantity of light but not excessive heat. This succulent also requires frequent watering, excluding the winter season. This succulent commences as a small plant with series of teardrop-shaped leaflets, but since its character is of a trailing plant, you will notice it extending beyond the edge of the container like a hanging plant or vines.

Now that you have learned about some of the popular kinds of succulent plants, you will now be able to choose more suitable ones for your space and order them online with free flower delivery in Mumbai.

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