5 Best Recreational Activities For Children With Autism

Autism is a condition where child have trouble in communication, interaction and understanding. Symptoms and treatment of autism differ from child to child. Children having autism face many challenges and issues in doing tasks which their peers can do easily. So to break all these restrictions psychowellnesscenter comes up with best recreational activities for your child.

Recreational activities are activities of fun for children like playing, drawing, dancing etc. According to Dr. R.K Suri for children with autism recreational activities help in learning, boosting self confidence, increasing understanding, enhancing communication skills and ways to express themselves. Here are some recreational activities for children with autism to boost them up.

  • Identifying interest
A counselor by analysis identifies interest of child with autism. Basically for kid interest include any type of sport or game they like be it indoor or outdoor. After identifying interest of child counselor advises parents to engage their child in particular sport or game. For autism child it’s not easy to understand or play game of their interest so parents should help their child in making child understand particular game.

For example if a child is interested in basket ball first make him/her familiar with basket ball by showing court, net and ball. Break the game into small sets and make them understand. This helps in learning and being confident when an autism child plays with group.

  • Art and craft
Art and craft activities help children with autism in expressing themselves. In art and craft classes they learn to paint, color and create. By painting they can learn about different shapes, figures, numbers and alphabets etc. By coloring they learn expression and possession. By creating different crafts they gain achievement and potential.
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  • Music and dance
Music and dance is again one of the great activity for kids with autism as they learn communicating and expressing themselves by these activities. They can simply listen music, dance their heart out or they can learn playing instrument of their choice. In fact it’s good if kids with autism join dance or music classes.

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  • Outing with family
Going to park, picnics, run and walk is best way of interaction for kids with autism. There child can explore stuff like different plants or different flowers, nature beauty, sound of birds. All this gives all new experience to kid and increases their participation.

He/she can touch different plants to feel touch, listen to bird sounds for understanding different sounds, do some planting, play in sand and lot more activities which they cannot do at home.

  • Talk to your child
To help your child interact and participate talk more to your child. Talking about everything with your child helps gain confidence to interact and communicate in groups.

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