Some Measures to be Adopted By Parents to prevent ADHD

Yes it is right that medical science has still not found treatments to cure ADHD but there are certain which can prevent ADHD to certain extent. According to Dr. R.K Suri best child psychologist in delhi, ADHD is most often diagnosed in children, adults can also suffer from it. ADHD symptoms fall on scale of mild, moderate and severe while majority of children falls in moderate range. ADHD can be prevented well by changing lifestyle, behavior, eating habits and following schedule.

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Here are some measures to prevent ADHD:
1. Expecting mothers should take healthy diet, no alcohol and no drugs.  Timely visit to doctor and no exposure to lead are advised to expecting mother for decreasing risk of child developing ADHD during pregnancy.
2. In my 35 years of experience I have found that diet plays an important role in development and growth of child whether a child has ADHD or not but yes for child with ADHD proper diet plan helps a lot. Give your child protein rich diet like egg, fish, nuts etc, carbs and fiber rich meals like oat meal, peanut butter, milk.
3. Don’t all food to your child which he/she is sensitive for. Research have shown that many children are sensitive to some food and consuming sensitive food make ADHD symptoms worse in child. So take care that your child does not consume sensitive food.
4. Make a schedule chart for your child and make sure he/she follows it because this helps in structuring behavior.
5. Engage your child in activities like dancing, skating, swimming, boxing and football or outdoor sport they like to use their energy wisely.
6. Never fight or shout in front of your child, this badly affects their brain.
7. Develop a healthy relationship with your child, listen to him/her with mindfulness, be their friend, ask about their school, do they have any problem or anything is bothering them at school. Your child should be confident enough to share any problem with you and this can happen only when you develop friendly relationship with your child.
8. Go for family outings, get-togethers, lunch or dinner
9. Listen to your child fear with patience and never ignore that, help your child fight with his/her fear if needed consult a child psychologist for finding ways to overcome your child fear. Fear hampers child development.
10. Never forget to tell your child how much you both (parent) love them because child need love to be expressed. They want to see and know that you love them.
11. Develop a positive attitude in your child. If he/she is unable to gel with other kids or find oneself inferior or different from other give them confidence, make them believe that they are no way different and even they can do everything.
12. Never compare your child with other peers because comparing can affect your child emotional health.

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