Why It Is So Expensive To Hire A Wedding Photographer

Photography is a very expensive profession and the amount of time a photographer spends with the client to take wedding photos makes it so expensive.

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Wedding photography is extremely expensive. If you have hired one of the best pre-wedding photographers in Delhi, then you have to pay lakhs of rupees for their fees (in addition to making an appointment for more than one year in advance). On the other hand, even if you have hired the services of any one of the reputed photographers in your locality, you have to pay several thousands of rupees for the wedding album. The question arises why wedding photography is so expensive? In this blog, we have tried to answer this question regarding why you must pay such a hefty sum of money when you buy one of the best wedding or birthday photographer in Delhi.

1). Time: One of the biggest reasons why wedding photography is so expensive is the time a photographer has to spend with the client to take all possible shots of the wedding ceremony. Indian weddings are typically spread over 3 to 5 days and the wedding photographer has to spend a huge amount of time taking shots. Additionally, the photographer has to spend a large amount of time negotiating with his or her clients regarding timing, type of photographs they want, whether they want pre-wedding photographs and much more. As the wedding photographer has to spend such a large amount of time with the clients to ensure that they get the best possible wedding album to remember their wedding ceremony, he or she charges such a huge amount of money.

2). Location: If the client who has hired the wedding photographer in Delhi NCR has specified that they should take pre-wedding photographs of the wedding couple, then the cost of the package will go up significantly. The reason being, the photographer not only has to look for exotic locations to figure out which one would be best suited as a backdrop for the pre-wedding photographs but also has to travel to that location with his or her entire gear. This can cost a lot of money (if the location is very far away or even if it is a foreign locale). The photographer may have to do additional research to find out what are the latest trends regarding wedding photography. Based on his or her research they have to pick the right accessories, lighting equipment, cameras, lenses, and other items. All these take a lot of time and we all know that time cost money.

3). The wedding day: If you are organizing the wedding ceremony in an outstation location, then the wedding photographer has to travel or even fly to the new location which will lead to a huge amount of transportation cost. If the wedding event is in another city, then the wedding photographer also has to rent a hotel room to stay which will also add to the overall cost.

4). Editing: Just taking photographs is not enough, the wedding photographer has to spend hours in the end on the editing table to ensure that the end product (the wedding album) is visually stunning. The amount of work the wedding photographer must do also cost a lot of money, which will add up to the price package the photographer is charging from the client.

5). The gear: Photographic gear is very expensive. For a full-frame camera, the photographer has to pay more than to lakhs of rupees. Furthermore, the lenses (there are a lot of them for different purposes) sometimes cost much more than the camera itself. All these make wedding photography a very expensive profession due to which wedding photographers charge such a huge amount of money to cover any wedding ceremony.

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