Learn About Variety of Lapel Pins Available

Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins make up for a great accessory that can be worn over the garment. You can show off your personal fashion statement or cheer for your favorite pin, with the use of a customized lapel pin.

But before you place an order for a customized lapel pin, you must know that there are several varieties available in the market. Choosing the right type of pin can effectively serve the purpose for which it was chosen in the first place. Whether you want custom logo pins or a trading pin for your team, learning the different kinds of pins available are essential.

Continue to read till the end to learn all about the variety of lapel pins available.

1.    Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins as the name only suggest having a hard enamel finish with die struck engravement on it. It is also popularly known as Pole Pin. This type of pin is generally seen to be used in events like corporate events, sports events, and more.

This sort of pins has a glossy and shiny finish to it. The colors on the pins are added and baked separately. Hence, giving it a smooth rounded overall look.

2.    Soft Enamel Pins

Embossed or Soft Enamel Pins are a variant of a customized pin. You can limitlessly add customization to soft enamel pins. Just like hard enamel, the soft enamel pins are also9 created with die-struck, however, the color application over it is done mechanically.

Soft Enamel Pins give off a high tactility appearance and feel overall. They are pretty affordable and durable in quality. Therefore, if you have a requirement for a bulk order then do not hesitate to place an order for a soft enamel pin. Customize as you like and get your hands-on bulk pins anytime.

3.    Printed Pins

Printed Pins are a perfect option for those companies who want to create lapel pins with a particular logo or design. Printed Pins uses the printing process where the symbol, logo, or design of your choice is recreated exactly how you want.

You can customize these pins as per your need and the end results turn out to be impressive. Printed Pins can perfectly recreate the minute details you want over your lapel pin. Plus, the manufacturing time is comparatively less for this sort of pins.

4.    3D Mold Pins

3D or Die Cast Pins are also a type of custom-made pins that have a hard enamel finish. The use of 3D Mold Pins are often seen in ceremonial events or promotional conferences. This pin has a very regal finish and looks overall.

Generally, the Die Cast pins are created without colors. Although there are a few finishing options you could choose from – antique, matte or polished. 3D Mold Pins are typically created in nickel, silver, bronze, or nickel-coated material.


The above enumerated are some common and popular varieties of lapel pins that are found in the market. Choose them as per your lapel pin needs. Whether you want custom logo pins or trading pins, choosing the right kind of lapel pin is pretty essential.

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