Care of Unborn Baby during Covid19

During pregnancy, you are more vulnerable to get infected with any disease as compared to a non-pregnant woman because your immune system is comparatively more sensitive these days and they should take advice from Best Gynecologist in Delhi. So pregnant ladies are considered to be in the high-risk group just like-aged people, children, and also persons having co-morbidity like diabetes or high BP, in this COVID pandemic.

So you need to be extra careful in this Covid-19 pandemic. So you need to take extra precautions. Take care of yourself by maintaining proper social distancing and good hand hygiene. Cover your nose and mouth properly with a mask when stepping out. Avoid unnecessary movements outside your home. Eat home-cooked food. Have a lot of fruits and vegetables which are probably cleaned before consuming.
Keep yourself well hydrated by taking plenty of water and other liquids like nimbu pani and coconut water. Try to do small walks inside your house. Keep your rooms well ventilated.
Be extra careful when handling any groceries. Avoid going out to buy these. Try to get most of the things home delivered. Use a mask when receiving your groceries. Leave them as such for a few hours. Then sanitize them properly. Wash all fruits and vegetables 2-3 times and leave them to dry. Use after a few hours.
If you are visiting the hospital for your routine checkup then wear the Mask properly and maintain six feet social distancing. Carry your water bottle and a small snack. Before taking an appointment for a physical checkup ask your Gynaecologist if Online consultation can be done. Do You Know Smoking Effects of Your Unborn Baby?
Teleconsultation is usually possible in the first four months of pregnancy. Try to avoid unnecessary hospital visits. But if you have to visit then avoid unnecessary interactions with any friends or relatives if you happen to meet them in the hospital. Avoid going to hospital cafeterias. On coming back leave your shoes outside Have a head wash and change all clothes.
Take care of all these small things.
Continue taking all your vitamins, iron, calcium, and protein supplements. Follow all your doctor's instructions. If any doubt does teleconsultation. Be aware of baby movements. Report to the hospital if you experience any fever, lethargy, or muscle pains. Don’t be afraid if you are told to get yourself tested for COVID.
Live healthily. Eat healthily. Sleep healthy. God forbid if despite all precautions you still get COVID positive, then follow doctor’s instructions carefully and Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy. Many pregnant women have recovered and have had healthy babies.
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