How to Wear Saree to Look Slim – 3 Ways

Saree is a timeless clothing that is loved by all women across the country. It can be used to distinguish our customs and culture which is why every woman, young or old wears this garment with pride of what it represents.

Made from an array of fabrics cotton, silk, georgette, satin, and the list goes on. For centuries saree has been the clothing choice of almost all women, they are more than just fashionable wear as they also cater to the demanding needs of casual and workwear. This wedding function staple garment has stood the test of time and now women have the ability to wear it the way they want to.

The saree has long been an article of clothing that gives the wearer a graceful appearance that also shows off her feminism at the same time. Loved for its style, the saree also manages to suit any kind of body figure slim or wide, but it has a special look that can make women look slim, even if they are not.

Every woman wants to look her very best, even if it means hiding the extra weight she put on over the long holidays. Smart planning and using tips and tricks will be needed to have everyone fooled into thinking you are slim and in top form. Here a list of ways to look slim in a saree without applying too much effort but getting maximum results to keep you happy when attending any function in the classic saree look.

Tricks to look slim in saree.

  • Fabric for utter comfort

When it comes time to finding the right clothing to make you feel comfortable by making you look slimmer, you should wisely choose the material from which it is made as this greatly affects the outcome of your looks. Keep to cotton to feel cool throughout the day. Georgette is also a great option as it drapes easily around the body without gathering to cause an unpleasing sight.

  • Color

It is a known fact that color can easily be used to create the illusion of a slimmer figure, the dark colors are known to pull off the illusion. Dark navy blue, maroon, and black are the usual culprits that women like to wear for a range of events. Light colors will show the full picture of your body proportions and this is why they should be avoided at all costs.

  • Design says it all:

The second most important feature is to pick a design with the right decoration that will cover up or draw attraction away from your shape.

So to do this you will have to keep away from all heavy decorations that will just appear to make you look wider or larger than you actually are. Stick to the simpler designs such as sequins, and minimal embroidery patterns that don't make the material look heavy, this tip will also help you to get a more comfortable outfit. Remember that when you feel uncomfortable, it also shows on your face.

  • Patterns that have an advantage:

Stripes and vertical lined patterns make the body look slimmer by confusing the eyes, this is an advantage that broader women should definitely look into if they are serious about looking slimmer. Avoid floral print on a white background as this will not help your situation in any way.

  • Blouse:

Before proceeding let us just mention that a simple fitting blouse should be worn. Try to limit the decorative detail on the blouse to not look gaudy or fat! Do not use shiny and chunky ornaments to raise the look of the blouse, even if it is a wedding that you are to attend.

  • Drape techniques to try:

Last but not the least, the way you choose to drape the saree will also play a role in getting the look right the first time.

Although the saree is an outfit that is traditional and holds significant ethnic properties, the sarees we see today have been modernized in the way that they are draped around the wearer to create a more fashion-savvy look that can be worn to weddings and parties. Depending on where you are going to wear it, there are several techniques of draping to try out.

  • Pallu on the side:

Step 1: Start by wearing the blouse and petticoat and tie it tightly to stay in place.

Step 2:  Next,  from the saree material make pleats (about an inch wide) and then tuck them in the petticoat and fix with safety pins.

Step 3: Now using the leftover material take it round the body and drape over the shoulder and arm to make sure it hangs on the side.

Alternatively, you can go for this next style.

  • Pallu in front:

In this one, the pallu is not left on the hand or draped diagonally across the bust, instead, it is left to drape vertically on the front of the body. You will look stylish with this design without a doubt. Here are steps to get the look.

Step 1: You should start off by putting on the blouse and petticoat and take care in ensuring it is tight enough.

Step 2: Take the saree fabric and start to make pleats and then tuck them in the petticoat, secure them by using safety pins.

Step3: For the pallu, instead of draping it diagonally, take the pallu over the shoulder and let it fall straight down over the front.

As you have probably seen by now that it is actually possible to hide the extra pounds and still look stylish and feel comfortable about your looks. Just as long as you stick to the map you will easily have everyone fooled into thinking and seeing what you want them to. Now you have no excuses for going out there and enjoying yourself in traditional saree at any event you want to attend, weddings, parties, and religious events will be back on the calendar.

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