Marketing military challenge coins over social media

A military challenge coin is nothing but a small coin or a medallion that serves as an emblem of an organization. They were formerly presented to prove the morale or enhance membership.

Military challenge coins are widely collected by the service members as well as law enforcement personnel. In modern times these challenge coins are made up of a variety of sizes and are made using popular culture references to include well-known characters and superheroes. Although historically they were offered by the unit commanders today, they have slowly but significantly become a part of pop culture. A lot of vintage stores today are selling challenge coins.

These coins are presented as gifts to people as a mark of prestige and dignity. Although it is a bit difficult to sell the challenge coins social media could act as a strong instrument of marketing theses coins.

Since its launch a few years ago Instagram has become a go-to place for businesses to promote their goods and services. In order to create noise and generate a lead on Instagram, it is ideal to formulate a content strategy. An Instagram marketing campaign helps you to achieve a particular objective over a specific period of time. It helps you to align your content over a single measurable target. It is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Instagram has more than 300 million active users. It is the hottest platform for running marketing strategies and boasts of thousands of accounts that are constantly marketing and promoting commodities and services to a huge number of followers. It is a huge opportunity for marketers to promote services and commodities to this day.

Instagram is all about awesome videos and photos, your content has to be attractive. It is the foremost step to attract visitors and gain followers. When you start posting worthy content on Instagram your Influence starts to grow. Make full use of all the filters and features of Instagram to the fullest. Instagram has these attractive features where you can have a live broadcasting session with all your followers. Another effective way to drive leads is to add photos and videos to your stories. The story feature of Instagram lets you add content to it as many times as you want.

While using Instagram it is evident that you have come across influencers promoting products and brands. Influencers of Instagram can be defined as the users of Instagram who have established an audience and credibility. They have significantly created a large as well as engaged following on Instagram. The typical job of an Instagram influencer is convincing people by their authenticity and trustworthiness. The followers of an Instagram in a way idolize and respect their opinions. This following that they have acquired is due to their job, lifestyle, or hobby. Brand influencers usually employ the hashtags to engage a huge number of audiences. According to recent reports of the micro-influencer database, marketing is now a $2 billion industry. Users of Instagram from all over the globe has begun living from paid posts as well as collaborative marketing campaigns.


Some basic influencing tips:


Here we present to you some basic tips about generating leads on Instagram.


     Post on a consistent basis- If you post once in a blue moon then honestly you will have no followers. Your profile won’t even fall under an active profile. You certainly want your brand to make some noise, therefore you have to remain active and post on a frequent basis. You need to understand that social media influencing is beyond an impressive account with high-end photographs. If you want a large magnitude of followers then it is simply not enough. Daily interaction is a must to emphasize your influence. Brands that post frequently on a regular basis tend to drive more leads and become successful. Your followers must have something to notice about you.

     Make use of the analytics tool of Instagram- There are a number of free tools available that help you in measuring the social network influence that you have created so far. You should make efficient use of these micro-influencer databases, tools to keep a track of your Instagram presence and understand the areas that require further improvement.

     Know your trade- You should be aware of your niche on Instagram. Since there are millions of influencers it is better to create your own niche. Pick a topic and know who your potential audiences can be and stick to it. You will get nowhere unless and until you identify your audience. Realizing your selling point is the key to becoming a successful influencer.

For brand ambassadorship, Instagram has been hailed as the best space with a number of users and as per the micro-influence database, influencer marketing is about to increase and grow to a $5-10 billion dollar industry by 2021. It is clearly a marketing force now, a powerful one.

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