The Difference between Seedboxes and VPN Server

 The Difference between Seedboxes and VPN Server

There is nothing more important thing than having security on online platforms. In this era where technology is evolving within no time, people are coming across security breaches that leave them in distress. 

So, you can’t neglect to protect the data that you have been storing on your systems for years. Many of them store important information on devices like credit card details or personal information details, etc. If you have been neglecting to protect your data, then let us tell you that there are millions of people sitting there trying to hack your account to get those details for their advantages.


Hence, in this advanced, tech-savvy, and binary dominated era we need the perfect security tool that can shield us against online forgery. If you have been searching for the best security tool, then your search may end here. 

We will be talking about seedboxes and VPN both and their uses. There is no denying that these two are the best tools available to cut off your online worries. We’ll discuss step by step in this article, so read on with patience,


What is a VPN?

Many of you have heard about the VPN but unable to figure out what exactly a VPN is. VPN also is known as a virtual private network is a security tool that encrypts all your online data. 

The data pass through the tunnel connecting it with another server. This means you will access any website without displaying your IP address. 

For example, if you are sitting in Japan and connect to a China-based VPN, then you will be able to access any website that is not blocked by the US government because your IP will be changed to the local US IP. 

Isn’t it fun? This means you can access all the legally banned websites in Japan using a VPN server based in another country. So, in a simpler word, it helps you to stay anonymous while browsing.


The problem with VPN is that not all the VPN will offer you torrenting. Most people use it for torrenting purposes especially after torrent being banned in many countries. So, you will have to choose an expensive plan to access the torrenting feature. It’s not the same with seedboxes. Let’s take a look at what they are,


What is a seedbox?

Now if we compare VPN with a seedbox, then it’s a cheap solution that doesn’t compromise on the quality. It’s a remote server hosted in another data center. So, when you have seedbox access, you can upload or download any online files or documents in your system without leaking your personal and original IP address. 

The server is connected most of the time to a high-speed internet data center that allows you to download any huge files without facing the slow speed issue or anything. All you need to do is to send a request to download and the server will download it for you.

Unlike VPN, Seedbox also offers high-speed internet when you are downloading or uploading any files. It will never leak your personal information and always shield your online data. Your online data will be more secured on the seedbox server and you can access the data anytime.


If you have been facing issues with downloading huge files from torrent, then the seedboxes server is the best solution for you. It will let you download the huge files without cutting off the speed. 

So, you will enjoy fast download without even risking your online data. Isn’t it cool? You can access any cheap to expensive plans depending upon your requirement from any seedbox server provider.

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