Top 8 Designer Blouses For Pattu Sarees

Pattu sarees are the state pride of Tamil Nadu as they are made from the finest silk threads that are produced throughout the Southern states of India. Silk is a valuable fabric that has great cultural significance, especially in some states where most clothing including sarees are made from silk material.

A major part of wearing silk sarees is getting the right designer blouse that will enhance your overall looks, choosing the most suitable one can be a hard decision and this is why we have a list of options to consider the next time you have an event to attend.

To match with the elegance of silk sarees, only the latest designer blouses will do. You cannot settle for less as you will not want your amazing saree to be downgraded by an old and unappealing saree blouse that will just make matters worse and leave you embarrassed.

Designer Blouses

Without further ado, here is a list of our 9 favorite Designer Saree Blouses for Pattu Sarees, feel free to try them out beforehand to get to know which is the best one for you to wear to which event.

1. Wedding Designer Blouse

Weddings are an auspicious occasion in Indian tradition that cannot be ignored and dressing to impress and play the part is an important role for every woman, family member, or guest. Only the best sparkling stones and metallic embroidery will do for this and getting the color scheme will be vital to getting it right. Reds, maroons, beige, and gold are colors that one can expect to see at a wedding to following this scheme will not be a bad idea as noon can go wrong with this combination.

2. White Designer Blouse

White is a feminine color that is associated with angelic appearances and this is why many women love to don the pure white saree look. The blouse does not have to be plain and instead, it can even feature some printed designs that are meant to be an enhancing feature and break the colors.

You can use different colors such as black, blue, red, any others to add a design to the fabric to give the blouse more character and a better option is using gold or silver on it.

3. Printed Designer Blouse

Printed designs remain one of the most used designs used in all types of ethnic Indian clothing and it can even be seen on saree blouses. Designer printed blouses are a clear display of how skills can be used to turn a plain saree blouse into the perfect occasion wear blouse without ruining or hiding any one particular design. This means that both the printed patterns as well as the exquisite detailing will all the on display.

4. Gold Designer Blouse

Gold blouses are one type of blouse that is sure to be every woman's wardrobe around the country. Just like the silk saree, it is a classic piece that does not ever get old or get outdated that easily.

It is an easy option that can actually match with any type of saree, and will never disappoint in terms of style and fashion. It goes perfectly with any saree that has a gold finish on the fabric and lays emphasis on your face instead of on the clothing which is what every woman wants.

5. Matching Designer Blouse

Many women take pride in making sure that every aspect of their outfit is matching, everything from the shoes to the makeup is all carefully planned out. Why not do the same for your saree blouse?

Blouses can be made to match with the saree if they are made from the same fabric as the saree, usually, it comes with the saree and can be fashioned into a stylish blouse with a trendy cut. Try to use thick border decorations along the bottom hem of the blouse, also you can use them on the sleeves and try to add another design here.

6. Embellished Designer Blouse

Embellishing is the attachment of ornamental decorations onto the fabric to increase its looks and value and it automatically appeals to the eyes. This style has caught the attention of many women who are looking for the best type of saree blouse that checks all the style boxes.

It eliminates the need for any other kind of blouse as women who choose this style often fall in love with it. Ornaments involved in making this creation include beads, stones, dangling accessories which make for a one of a kind saree blouse fit for royalty.

7. Simple Designer Blouse

The word simple usually cannot be used with the word designer, but in this case, we are referring to the elegantly designed heavily decorated saree blouses that stand out from the rest.

The key is to have a planned template and then place the designs in the right places without overcrowding the fabric with fancy designs. Making them into a unique saree blouse that needs to be kept for some auspicious occasions is a wise idea. The use of simple threads and elegant sparkling jewel stones is usually the staple design seen on most of these pieces.

8. Fancy Shoulder Cutout Designer blouse

The recent fashion trends have put the shoulder cutout design in the spotlight and the trend is being received very well by the community. Women of all ages and backgrounds can be seen wearing these highly fashionable garments.

The shoulder cutout or cold shoulder design is one that speaks to all through its elegant and graceful appearances. As time goes by, more and more women are becoming aware of the style. It involves the shoulder are being cut open to expose the shoulders of the wearer. It takes just one look to be hooked and everyone will be sure to look hard and complement your modern fashion sense. You can get all of these sarees online and you can get wholesale sarees online cash on delivery option if you want.

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