A DIY Guide to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

User query 1: I am going through trouble while syncing google calendar with Outlook. Suddenly it stops working.

User query 2: My family is using Google calendar, and I am using Outlook Calendar and I need to sync Google and Outlook calendar sync with each other.

Yes, we will sync Google and Outlook calendars with each other. It will tell us about the family schedule, whether they are free or not. they want to go to the event or attend any meeting.

Google Calendar is an application that helps us to remind our meetings, birthday, event, etc. It is a very useful app for us. It helps us to stay organized. Outlook has a calendar built-in too. It is available on the Web, App, Ios platforms.

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Google Calendar is a time management and scheduling tool. It manages time for a person who is having a busy schedule. It helps to plan their schedule systematically. My Google calendar schedules my meetings, payment dues, want to give Netflix subscriptions, etc.

You can type “what’s my google calendar” it will show all upcoming events.

Features of Google Calendar

  • It lets us create and edit occasions for users.
  • You can upload to the color occasions and distinguish them from any other occasion.
  • Events may be considered in different sorts like Day, Week, Month.
  • Location may be delivered to the precise occasion.
  • Users can set a notification to the occasion.
  • The User can invite different humans to the occasion.

Where should we need to sync the calendar with Outlook?

  • In the market we are having many calendars, but they cannot communicate with each other, the last option is syncing.
  • If you are having two businesses, and you have to schedule the meetings, then we can’t use 2 calendars and check everyday when is our meeting.

The steps are given below:

Method 1

1. Open the Outlook software.

2. Select the account.

3. Click the upload account choice.

4. Enter your Gmail deal with this is related to google calendar.

5. Click on the accomplished button.

6. Open the calendar tab in Microsoft Outlook, All your Gmail calendar is synced with Outlook.

Method 2

1. Login into Outlook Account.

2. Click on File.

3. Click on Open & Export.

4. Click on Import & Export.

5. Choose export to a File.

6. Choose CSV Browse to choose out the report from Outlook.

7. Click end.

Method 3

1. Login into Google calendar.

2. Go to the Integrate calendar phase and duplicate the name of the game deal with.

3. Right Click on shared calendars after which click on Add calendars. then pick out from the internet.

4. Paste the copied deal with within side the box.

5. Then click on ok.

Sync Google Calendar with Outlook for Mac

1. Open Microsoft Outlook and login together along with your e-mail id.

2. Choose your picks from the drop-down menu.

3. Pick your Account.

4. Click on Add Account.

5. Enter your Gmail deal with

6. Enter your password.

7. Choose your Microsoft Account

8. Click on end then your Account is delivered.


This Blog best way to sync google calendar with Outlook for windows and mac users. Now you may use any method. Thanks for Reading.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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