Devolo wireless range booster is not working? Fix it

If you want to use a high speed internet connection you must use a high speed and faster router. But traditional routers are not so good at providing a wide range of coverage. In order to use a faster network you can use a router but when we talk about the range coverage. You can use a devolo wireless range booster. It will extend the network range more widely. It will boost the signal over a large area by transmitting the signal range in tough and weak zones. The external antennas make signals faster to and transmit in a wide area. The dual band frequencies with MU-MIMO technology makes perfect combinations to boost the network coverage.

The devolo booster has many advanced features. This is a multi-functioned device that supports. Access point mode | Repeater mode as well as router mode. The configuration process of this booster is easy. You can easily complete the configuration of devolo wifi booster by just accessing the default IP address or using http //devolo.wifi. It will take you to the administration login portal. The repeater comes along with built-in LED indicators that indicate the actual status of your repeater. The device has an attractive look as well as small shape. That makes it more comfortable to place. Sometimes not working issues will frustrate to user’s. So here are some simple steps to fix the issue manually.

Why is the devolo wireless range booster not working?

The devolo wireless range extender is compatible to work with all kinds of routers. It comes along with WPA, WPA2 PSk security and password encryption. You can change the settings by accessing the administration device center. But sometimes during accessing the login page or to complete the configuration. The login portal will not work or can't be accessible. In order to fix the issue you can follow the given steps:

Check the power adaptor or connected cables

If the power LED indicator is not blinking, That means your wireless booster is not getting the power from the electric outlet. You need to be sure your repeater power adaptor is connected with a working electric switch and the power button is “ON”. Or check if all the wires that are connected with the repeater are inserted properly and in the correct port. Keep in mind the sound of “TICK” comes out during connecting a cable to port.

Internet is not working

Check the internet connectivity of your modem or router. You need to confirm that the internet is working by connecting any other device with the router network. Due to slow internet connectivity or poor range this kind of issue can arise. In order to fix it you need to place your devolo wireless range booster in the range of your wireless network. Otherwise it will not extend the network and you need to face a connection failure issue. In order to fix the issue, You can establish a wired connection between your router to extender using an ethernet cable.

Can’t login to the wireless booster?

To configure your wireless booster. You need to access the administration login page by using the default IP Address. If you are facing any kind of issues, Like login interface not opening or repeater not responding to open the admin settings. You need to check your web browser compatibility. Try to access the login interface in any other web browser, Clear all the cookies or history of the browser. You can also perform a restart by disconnecting all the connected wires of the extender and connecting it again after some time.

Perform a factory reset

You can fix the issue by doing a factory reset. In order to reset your wireless extender you need to power “ON” your device and then press the “RESET” button which is available on the back side. Press it for 15 seconds. Until the LED indicators blink randomly. Your wireless extender will automatically enter factory reset mode. All the saved data or configured settings will be set as default. You need to configure your repeater once again.

In this way you can easily fix not working issues. But the factory reset will change all your settings to default settings.

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