Interesting Facts to Know and Raccoon Removal Vancouver BC

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that often invade properties in Vancouver. These wildlife animals are present in the port city as a part of the wildlife population. Raccoons are also a threat to the health of families once they infest homes. Nonetheless, people have the option to contact pest control experts with animal control training for raccoon removal in Vancouver, BC. Besides, there are some interesting facts about these animals that people should know about. We shall put a light on those facts in this post for you. Without any delay, let us dive into those facts:

  1. Raccoons Have Earned a Name Owing to Their Unique Hands: Raccoons have masterful hands that help them break into the cooler, garbage, etc., in homes easily. Native Americans were the first to notice unusual paws that raccoons have. The name of these wild animals has derived from the Powhatan word, translated, an animal that scratches with its hands. Aztecs followed the same route and named it one who takes everything in its hands. The same word means raccoon in Spanish.

  1. Raccoon Species Are Diverse: Six raccoon species are native to North and South America. The most common raccoon species is Procyon Lotor that lives in the United States. It’s also a common raccoon species throughout Southern BC. You can find other raccoon species farther south inhabiting tropical islands.

  1. Raccoon Masks Aid Them to Do a Lot: Raccoons have black markings that fall across their eyes. Thus, people have described raccoons as intriguing thieves or trickster figures in stories for centuries. Raccoons' famous black masks aid them to do a lot more than appearing as endearing criminals. Raccoons can see clearly because of their mask.

Raccoon black fur serves raccoons the same purpose that black stickers serve to athletes. The dark colour absorbs incoming light while reducing glare to prevent obstructing their vision. They can perceive contrast in the objects at night because of less peripheral light.

  1. Raccoon Populations Have Exploded with Time: Raccoons are rare animal species that have survived, with the spread of humans. In North America, the population went through the roof in the preceding several decades over time. Additionally, it happened because of the devastation of much of the animals’ natural environment. Yet, raccoons survived because they could thrive in rural, urban, and suburban environments. In forests, raccoons eat birds, insects, fruits, nuts, and seeds to survive.

When they infest residential spaces, they scavenge garbage and pet food. Raccoons can infest your home for the same reason. Nevertheless, you can count on professionals for raccoon removal in Vancouver, BC, if raccoons invade your home.

  1. City Raccoons Are More Cunning Than Country Raccoons: Scientists have reckoned raccoons as intelligent creatures. City dweller raccoons are more cunning than country raccoons because of a push towards outsmarting human-made obstacles consistently. For instance, city raccoons evade major intersections with GPS collars as a part of an experiment. Another experiment revealed that city raccoons could figure out garbage cans containing food in urban and rural areas every time. Conversely, country raccoons failed each time.

  1. Raccoons Can Sense Via Their Hands: Typically, animals use sight, sound, or smell to hunt to locate goodies. However, raccoons count on their sense of touch to distinguish between objects without even seeing them. It also helps raccoons to feed at night. They can also amplify their sense of touch through dousing.

  1. Raccoons are Capable Problem Solvers: Usually, raccoons will solve a puzzle with the involvement of food. You can comprehend it if you call to mind the early 1900s experiment with raccoons. 11 out of 13 raccoons resolved the puzzle to get their treats as an experiment's outcome.


Raccoons are nocturnal animals that often infest properties in Vancouver. Still, people can contact pest control experts with animal control training for raccoon removal in Vancouver, BC. Moreover, here are interesting facts that you need to know about raccoons:

  1. Raccoons Have Earned a Name Owing to Third Unique Hands

  2. Raccoon Species Are Diverse

  3. Racoon Masks Aid Them to Do a Lot

  4. Raccoon Populations Have Exploded with Time

  5. City Raccoons Are More Cunning Than Country Raccoons

  6. Raccoons Can Sense Via Their Hands

  7. Raccoons are Capable Problem Solvers

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