Why Are Bed Bugs in Toronto Not a Good Sign for a Hotel?

Bed bugs in Toronto always remain a threat to hoteliers. Besides, no one likes bedbugs to bite them in a hotel or check-in a hotel room having bedbugs. Nowadays, bedbugs have become an issue for hoteliers and travellers at the same time. Moreover, killing bedbugs isn’t child’s play due to their tiny size and pesticide-resistance ability. You can also give a ride to bedbugs to your home if you stay in a hotel with a bedbug infestation. A bedbug infestation can also spoil a hotel’s reputation badly alongside costing it thousands of dollars on extermination.

How Likely May You Find Bedbugs in a Hotel?

Regrettably, the problem of bedbugs occurs more frequently in hotels. Besides hotels in Toronto, you can find bedbugs in apartments, single-family homes, and motels. The bedbug problem in Toronto has grown with time for hotels and homeowners. You can likely find bedbugs in hotels in Toronto, no matter how clean or luxurious the hotel is.

Other than motels, you can unearth these insects in 5-star hotels, resorts, & homes no matter how clean they are. You may even carry bedbugs from your home to hotels or hotels to your home if you’re unaware of them. Commercial pest control services also exist for hoteliers to exterminate hotel bedbugs and make their hotels comfortable place.

Important Facts about Bed Bugs That Hoteliers Must Know about:

Here are ten facts that hoteliers need to know about bedbugs:

  1. Bedbugs are tiny insects having the size of an apple seed as adult bugs.

  2. Younger bedbugs can even fit through a threaded hole in a sheet.

  3. Bedbugs can multiply fast, with 500 offspring over a lifetime.

  4. Bedbugs feast on human and animal blood because of their parasitic nature.

  5. They hide in small crevices between mattresses and bedding, cracks in wooden furniture, and tiny spots to feed at night.

  6. Bedbug bites are red and itchy, resembling mosquito bites.

  7. More often than not, hotels need bedbug treatment.

  8. Bedbug infestation costs thousands of dollars for treatment and costs hotels suffer a loss in revenue.

  9. Hotels may need to bear more costs than usual to regain their reputation and due to possible litigation.

  10. Bed bugs in Toronto can travel between hotels and homes in suitcases or moving furniture.

Why Is a Bedbug Infestation Perturbing for Hotels?

It’s the responsibility of hotel management to provide safe and comfortable spaces to guests. Plus, hoteliers need to ensure their guests are safe from a threat, such as a bedbug infestation. Hoteliers have to take quick action to exterminate bedbugs from hotels if guests report them a bedbug infestation. Moving people to other rooms instantly and calling professional exterminators is what hotel management must do against a bedbug infestation. A single bedbug infestation can cost a hotel $6000 or more, including extermination, replacement, and loss business costs.

Guests may choose to sue the hotel for damages and cost the hotel even higher than usual. Plus, bedbugs may keep infesting hotels every two years or more and cost hotels more. Thus, one of the perturbing signs for hotels with a bedbug infestation in Toronto is the costs they bear.

Additionally, guests can start talking unfavourably about a hotel having a bedbug infestation. It will harm a hotel’s reputation, and this negative publicity will cost a hotel even more. Nevertheless, the hotel industry spends millions of dollars in Toronto on pest control to ensure guests feel safe and comfortable staying in a hotel. Still, you can find bedbugs in a hotel in Toronto because bedbugs are well-admired for travelling with people to hotels.


Bed bugs in Toronto always remain a danger to hoteliers. Killing bedbugs isn’t child’s play due to their tiny size and pesticide-resistance ability. The problem of bedbugs occurs more frequently in hotels as bedbugs are known for travelling via people’s luggage. Typically, hotels need bedbug treatment in Toronto to ensure guests feel comfortable and safe during their stay. A bedbug infestation is disturbing for hotels because they have to bear thousands of dollars on treatment. A bedbug infestation costs hotels even higher if the guests sue for the damages. Moreover, a bedbug infestation also hurt the reputation of a hotel badly. Thus, a bedbug infestation is never a good sign for hotels in Toronto.

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