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Teeth Whitening is removing the stains from the teeth and then bringing them back to their original colour. When we talk about tooth whitening, there are two types of tooth whitening performed at the dental clinic while the other is performed at home. Visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you to get the best tooth whitening treatment.

What is teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry performed by the dentist at the dentist clinic.

Teeth whitening can be done both at the dental clinic and at home. The difference between both is that the treatment offered at the dental clinic is more reliable than the home. Mostly it would be best if you receive the treatment from the dentist alone, but the home whitening treatment has also been served the best for many, but it would be best if you consult the dentist before trying any such treatment. Let's see about this tooth whitening treatment in deep.

What is the cost of teeth whitening?

The cost of the teeth whitening in India varies among different states. However, on average, tooth whitening costs are 8,000 for home-based whitening and 12,000 for office whitening.

Why is teeth whitening necessary?

There are many reasons people may need tooth whitening treatment for their teeth. There are many instances why they may need tooth whitening treatment. Some of the causes I have mentioned here are below;

  • Adapted to different food habits may be why you need teeth whitening treatment.

  • If you have habits like chewing tobacco, smoking, etc., there is a chance that you may need a teeth whitening treatment.

  • Consumption of certain medications can also cause your teeth to stain, and that's the other reason why you need teeth whitening treatment.

  • A high amount of fluoride intake also contributes to the staining of the teeth, and that's the other reason for opting for teeth whitening treatment.

  • The most common factor that forces you to opt for teeth whitening treatment is age.

So these are some reasons why you may need teeth whitening treatment.

What are the benefits of the teeth whitening treatment?

Some significant benefits of the teeth whitening treatment are;

It enhances your appearance;

By making your smile whiter and brighter, the teeth whitening technique enhances your appearance, makes you more attractive, and makes you feel optimistic. So if you are aiming to look more beautiful and feel good, you must whiten your teeth for sure!

Increases your self-confidence:

Many people hesitate to smile in front of everyone in most instances, and teeth whitening would be the best way to boost their self-confidence. However, it would be best for long-term results to get professional tooth whitening.

Good oral health:

In professional tooth whitening the stain and removing it from your teeth and thus paves the way for better oral health and removes harmful bacteria and germs from your mouth. Therefore the teeth whitening treatment is also effective in preventing hazardous bacteria and germs.

Safe and secure:

Professional tooth whitening is entirely safe and reliable. Unlike home-based whitening, professional teeth whitening at the dentist would be more safe and secure.

Affordable treatment:

Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable tooth whitening treatments. Mostly everyone can afford it as it is not that expensive, and it is one of the best benefits of the tooth whitening treatment.

So these are some benefits of the teeth whitening treatment.

Does teeth whitening treatment has any side effects?

Like benefits, these tooth whitening treatment also has some side effects. Let's have a glance at them.

Teeth sensitivity:

Most home-based teeth whitening treatments may leave you with sensitive teeth immediately after using the teeth whitening products, and it is one of the disadvantages that may annoy you.

Not permanent:

The treatment is not permanent. The home-based tooth whitening treatment is only for short-term use, whereas the professional whitening is long-term. However, neither of the methods are permanent, Yes you've heard it right; even the professional-based teeth whitening will support you for the long term but not permanent. The time of tooth whitening may vary from person to person for lasting.

Change in food habits:

After you have done teeth whitening, you must avoid certain foods and drinks. It would help if you less the intake of certain foods like tea, coffee, red wine, etc., to prevent your teeth from staining.

Gum irritation:

Likewise, the sensitive teeth the irritating teeth are also one of the drawbacks to the teeth immediately faced after the tooth whitening.

There is nothing to worry about, and it'll be fine after some time.

So these are some of the side effects of teeth whitening.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening treatment:

Which is the best method to whiten teeth, home-based teeth whitening, or office-based teeth whitening?

Home-based teeth whitening is best for the short run, but in the long run treatment at the dentist is best for permanent and prolonged results. Hence dentist's office treatment is best compared to home-based whitening in terms of tooth whitening treatment.

What is the average timing for the teeth whitening to last?

The teeth whitening treatment can last on an average of 1 yrs-3 yrs based on the care provided to your teeth.

Are the teeth whitening treatment safe?

Teeth whitening treatment is a safe procedure, but the only side effect that it causes is a burning sensation on the gums immediately after treatment.

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