Things to know before starting dissertation writing: Tips from professionals

A dissertation is probably the most complex and challenging project that every student has to submit to complete their degree. It shows your capabilities as a researcher and contributes significantly to your final grade. However, because of the complexity of dissertation writing, many students procrastinate on it. In this article, we have outlined a number of preparatory steps that you can take to beat procrastination and make the writing process more engaging.

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How to prepare for dissertation writing effectively?

There are several things for you to keep in mind before you start writing:

Choose a topic you are passionate about

To avoid losing interest in dissertation writing at the very beginning, choose the subject that piques your interest and inspires you. You’ll need to spend months researching this topic, reading multiple scholarly articles, textbooks and more. If the topic is of no interest to you, soon you’ll feel discouraged and find it more difficult to concentrate and reflect on it.

Get familiar with the dissertation guidelines

Each college or university has specific dissertation guidelines. These guidelines pertain to dissertation lengths, reference format, formatting, paper structure, and maybe even research methods. Neglecting at least one of such directions can lead to greater work at the later stages of work. So, ask for detailed guidelines for writing and make sure everything is clear before you start writing.

Avoid starting with the introduction as it’s likely to change

It may seem logical to start with an introduction, but don’t fall into this trap. As you proceed with your research, you may come across some curious ideas and sources. As a result, your research might take a different direction than you had planned. Save introduction writing for the end – in this way, you’ll find it easy to summarize the work done and present it to the readers.

Know your writing speed and other constraints

As you embark on the complex task of dissertation writing, it’s helpful to know what your limitations are. How many hours per day can you realistically devote to dissertation writing? What is your writing speed? Do you have all the needed sources at your disposal? If you don’t consider these factors, you are at risk of staying behind your schedule!

Find a convenient working space

Dissertation writing is a huge stress, so try and make the process more pleasant. Find a stimulating working environment where you’d feel comfortable. It can be a library, your dorm room, or even your bed if you can stay concentrated. Limit distractions – time management experts recommend that you turn off notifications and ask people not to disturb you.

Remember that you can change a dissertation supervisor

In some cases, the dissertation supervisor assigned by your college might not be the right fit for you. They might have different research interests, or you can just don’t match personally. Take your time to meet the supervisor early on. If they don’t feel comfortable working with them or their advice isn’t helpful, remember that you can request a new advisor.

Find a skilled proofreader to check your work

When you work on a dissertation, you see the text so often that you simply can’t catch typos, poor grammar and other writing issues. So, it’s important to find another pair of eyes to review it before submission. You can ask a friend for help, but it’s far more effective to hire an academic proof-reader who will fix all kinds of errors and can give you a piece of advice about your research in general.

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