Tips to Find The Perfect Rug For Your Living Room

The living room is the part of our homes where we spend a lot of time. We watch tv, chit-chat with friends, and make most of the time there. It is the favorite part of our home, and its decor should be Comfortable and cozy. The same goes for choosing a living room rug. Rug material is a vital thing in selecting a rug for the living area. It is incomplete without cozy and stylish rugs. They make the area trendy as well as add warmth and comfort to the place. Here are some fabulous and effective tips for finding the perfect rugs for your living room.

Suitable Size Of Area Rug For Living Room

The living room rugs should be 8 inches wider than the sofa. The most common sizes for living rooms are 8*9 and 9*12. A large area rug is best to lay in the living room, as it covers most of the space. You can also layer a large rug with a smaller one to add more texture and softness to the floor. Layering also gives the place a cozy and marshy look. The size of the rug for the living room depends upon the size of the space to cover. A little extra is better than less, so it will not look too bare or empty if you have large area rugs for living rooms. For layering, though, you can go with the size that is smaller than your large rug. Rugs work best in neutral tones, but you can always add colors to brighten up the living room design by painting walls or bringing accessories like pillows and table lamps.

Material Of Large Area Rugs For Living Rooms

Comfort comes first when choosing an area rug for living rooms. The best materials for lounge or living rooms are:

  • Wool rug, as its softest and highly durable. Wool rugs are the most expensive type of all. It can last for years and is so soft to touch but may take a long time before it completely flattens out from being walked on repeatedly.

  • Cotton is suitable if you have kids or pets in your house because it's sturdy and easy to wash. It is usually not as soft as wool rugs but still has good quality that provides comfort while sitting on the floor.

  • Synthetic fibers have good comfort and are less expensive than wool rugs. It is also easy to clean but not as durable as cotton or wool rugs.

  • If you want a rug that will give your living room an elegant look, then silk should be the best material for it. They are usually very soft and luxurious while still maintaining their durability even in high-traffic areas.

  • Natural Fiber Rugs, as they are comfy and stylish. They make the place colorful and chic.

  • Vintage and bohemian-style hand-crafted rugs are best for long-term durable rugs.

  • Furr and soft material give the area a glamorized and velvety look. It also makes the floor softest and cozy.

Large Area Rugs As Art

Balance your living room decor by adding floral and hand-crafted large area rugs to it. These rugs, when laid on the floor, give the space a classy and dramatic look. There is a vast collection of rugs to choose from for your area. They add comfort and charm to the entire decor. Large-sized rugs are available in various materials, including cotton, silk, sisal, and wool. They are also made of Oriental rugs and Persian rugs that give the room a traditional look and feel. They are also available in different colors, prints, and themes. They can also be used to enhance the decor of your living room by adding warmth and comfort to it. They are available in many modern styles that match most contemporary, traditional, antique, or oriental interiors.

Which Color Area Rug Is Best For My Living Room

Neutral and earthy tones are the best rugs for your living room. Also, you can combine a floral or vibrant small rug with beige or neutral large area rugs for more comfort and trendy decor. Moreover, abstract patterns will make the area look more looking and chic. Never go to dark shades as it will give the space a confined and claustrophobic look. The colors you choose also depend on what type of furniture you have in the room. For instance, a cream sofa with maroon upholstery might look off-center if placed next to a vibrant red rug. You can also mix a few shades of the same color by placing the sofa in front of a multicolored rug. You can also go for a large area rug of synthetic fabric if you want to save some bucks on your new purchase. Place this rug in front of the sofa but make sure that its borders are not touching the walls or furniture; instead, let it overlap by about one inch.

Choosing A Perfect Living Room Rug

Choosing a perfect living room rug is easy when you know the rug’s size and materials’ smallest details. Here are some tips for purchasing an ideal rug for the living room. 

  • Always choose the right size. A size which almost covers the whole room or is at least 8 inches wider than the seating area is perfect. 

  • A textured and soft material is always your go-to rug for the living room. They make the place soft and cozy.

  • Wool, jute, or polypropylene is the perfect rug material for the living room due to its high stain-resistant and durable properties. 

  • A too dark or too light shade will ruin your entire theme. Play with colors. Go for complementary colors while choosing two or more rugs.

  • The vintage or abstract pattern never goes out of fashion and is best for the living room.

Patterns and Design of the Rug

The living room is the space where the people come together and entertain their guests. Thus, it is important to choose a rug that contributes to making your room look beautiful. The efficient way of doing this is by choosing rugs for living rooms with soft materials like wool or jute, which are durable. The design of the rug should be in accordance with the interior of your room. For example, if you have a contemporary design for decorating your living room, it is best to choose more abstract and geometric rugs. Another important tip while choosing a rug for your living room is to keep up with the latest trends so that you don't regret it later.

 Summing Up

A rug in the living room should be chosen very carefully. It should satisfy the needs of your living room, and also, it should match with the rest of its decor. The material, design, and color are important factors you need to consider while buying a new rug for your living room. If done correctly, you can make your living room look even more beautiful than before. Also, at RugKnots there is a wide variety of rugs you can choose from.

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