How To Add Email Signature For Email In Mozilla Thunderbird - Most Easy Way (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook)

Email signatures are block of texts containing details of sender or firm that are inserted automatically when you send email message. In this video we will learn how to add email signature in open source free email client Mozilla thunderbird. To add email signature follow these steps:

  • Go to start menu of your PC and open Mozilla thunderbird.
  • After opening Mozilla thunderbird go to menu.
  • Click on account settings.
  • Make sure correct email account is selected if you have logged in multiple accounts.
  • Scroll down to find Signature box. In signature text you can type text you want use as signature.
  • After typing you signature text, close it. You signature will be saved automatically.
  • Now when you click on write to compose new email. You will see signature being added automatically.

That's all.

Reference Video:

Watch this video for complete process to setup email signature for your email account in Mozilla thunderbird.

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