How to Draw Lightning McQueen 

Lightning McQueen draws in just six easy steps! The film Cars is one of Pixar's most colorful and imaginative films. It was a massive hit with audiences and was popular enough to get two sequels and video game, book, and TV series adaptations. The main character is the bright and colorful Lightning McQueen, an arrogant racing car. He has many fans both in his films and in the real world and fans who have hands instead of wheels often want to learn how to draw Lightning McQueen. If you are one of those lovers, this guide is for you! Our step-by-step manual on how to draw Lightning McQueen will show you how fun and easy it can be pencil drawings.

How To Draw Lightning McQueen - Allows Contact Initiated!

Step 1

Drawing any car can be a real challenge at the best of times, and just because it's an animated character doesn't make it any easier! There’s nothing to worry about, though, as we'll take you slowly through this step-by-step guide on drawing Lightning McQueen. To start, we're going to draw his upper body. You can start with a vertical line that gently curves into a horizontal line that extends to the right. Then there will be a shorter curved line descending from the first. This will take care of the whole upper part of Lightning McQueen, and once you're ready, we can move on to the next part!

Step 2: Following, remove the rest of the procedure.

We're going to add a lot to your Lightning McQueen drawing in this step, but it's not as scary as it looks! We'll start from the front of the character and extend this part from the top of the car.

Start with a horizontal line under the line on the left side of the top of the car from the previous step. This will curve down; you can draw a circular shape for the first car tire under another horizontal line. You will also see a small part of the tire on the left side. You can add another curved line for the rear tire and then draw another curved line for the spoiler at the top of the car's rear.

Step 3: Draw the finer details of Lightning McQueen.

You have most of the general outline done for this drawing, so in the next steps of this guide on drawing Lightning McQueen, we will work on adding some interior details to him. Start by using a curved line for the top of the bumper, serving in the area between the tubes. Then you can use another curved line about the lid of the show of the Lightning for the windshield with some more little points. Yet, for this step, you can withdraw a large numeral, 95, on the flank of the car exit.

Step 4: Currently, remove some more points.

We'll measure more particular to your Lightning McQueen drawing in this step. First, use more curved horizontal lines in his windshield to give his eyes some expression. NeXT, we'll draw circles inside his eyes for his pupils. We will also draw his smiling mouth under his bumper; you can color it black.

Finally, draw circular shapes inside the wheels for the car's rims, then draw some small exhaust pipes on the side. Then you'll be prepared for the definitive attributes in the next direction stage!

Step 5 - Complete the Drawing of Lightning McQueen

This fifth step of our guide on how to draw Lightning McQueen will be to finish with some details and final touches. For the wheels, you can draw a Light-year mark using small blocks on them. Then a few small square shapes can be added inside the rim. The rest of the details we need to add will be small but effective! First, you can draw flame stickers around the 95 on its side. Next; we'll draw rounded rectangles for its headlights. These, along with a few more minor details throughout the design, will complete it.You can also add your elements to finish it off too! Perhaps you could draw a background and even add other characters from the movie to go with it. What else can you find to complete your Lightning McQueen drawing?

Step 6: Finish the drawing of Lightning McQueen with paint.

We can now finish your Lightning McQueen drawing with unique colors! Lightning's primary color is bright red, and there are yellow stickers for the stickers.

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