7 Ingenious Steps to Use SEO to Build Brand Awareness

Whenever we wish to eat fast food, we love to visit McDonald’s, Subway, and Dunkin or place our orders on their websites/apps for home delivery. Similarly we prefer Amazon, Flipkart, EBay, or Snapdeal when we think of buying electronics, electric, or home articles online.

Have you ever thought about why you love visiting some known websites or apps for your different products? It is the brand name you trust in. Like your favourite brands, you need to build brand awareness for your business so that your customers love visiting your business website and having deals with you.

And when it comes to branding your business, you need to market or advertise it through several methods. SEO or search engine optimisation is one of them. As you have no practical knowledge of SEO, you should hire the best SEO company. If you are willing to use SEO to build brand awareness at your end, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Have an SEO strategy by targeting audience

Think about a fledgling mobile brand that wants to sell affordable smartphones to the common people. To fetch the attention of their audience, the mobile company needs to build a stable device with crucial features and sell it at a reasonable price.

Here the target audience will be customers with lower income or budget. Such an audience has particular requirements that a company can fulfil via targeted products/services. Targeting a niche audience will be beneficial for you and it will help you improve your brand visibility. As a result, you will have better conversion and increased sales.

2. Find branded keywords

Keyword research is the crucial part in the implementation of SEO strategies. Along with finding relevant keywords, you should focus on finding branded keywords. Branded keywords are the terms with your business name, services, or products. For example - Big Mac.

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3. Optimise your keywords

Keyword optimisation is crucial for attaining visibility and ranking on search engines. You should use relevant keywords in the URLs of home or landing pages. Further, you should use the targeted keywords in the content (written texts) that you use to build backlinks or advertise your business website on the internet.

4. Value local SEO

Local SEO helps you target an audience in a particular location. The location could be a particular area of a town/city or the whole of a city within a country. With local SEO, you can drive traffic to your website for a specific location. You can target more than one location while using local SEO to build your brand awareness or improve website ranking/visibility.

5. Have a solid link building strategy

The ranking of your business or blogging website depends on several factors. Link building is one of those factors. Your website will rank higher on search engines if it has a lot of referring domains. To earn such links, you need to publish highly useful and original content pieces on websites with higher domain authority or huge traffic in a month.

6. Optimise your content for each of your SEO strategies

Content is the king in digital marketing. Whether the content is for home page, about us, product/service page, or link building, it must be unique and must have relevant keywords. The content should be how to content, tutorials, eboks, guest posts, blogs posts, etc.

7. Use other channels

Apart from SEO, you should use other digital platforms to increase your reach. Other forms could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit. You should share images and posts on these platforms daily or on a regular basis. Further, you can use paid ads on search engines and social networking sites.


Each step mentioned above can help you enhance your visibility and ranking on search engines. With time, your SEO strategies and efforts bear fruit and your business will become a brand for your existing as well as probable users/customers.

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