Top 10 Best Beaches In The World

Is it possible to rank the world’s best beaches? After all, not, as preferences can disagree from traveler, supported amenities, accessibility, swimming & water sports choices, safety, sense of place, relaxation, and scenery. However, being well-travelled and having placed my feet within the sand of various beaches round the globe, I herewith give you my list of the ten most spectacular beaches within the world. From coral to sandy and long to boxed, it ought to return as no surprise that almost all of those beaches are set within the world’s best beach destinations. Sadly, these beaches are not any secret (anymore) and you'll ought to share their unimaginable beauty with several other travelers. If tranquility could be a should, you'll take into account swapping the beaches listed below for one among the world’s most stunning (semi-)private building beaches or decide on occupying one among the world’s most exclusive non-public island resorts.

Saud Beach, Luzon, Philippines

If you are looking for Southeast Asian beach cloud nine, super-mellow Said Beach on an island may be quality. Its white sand pitches step by step into the clear-as-glass water, sort of real-world example of zero-entry swimming bath. Swim within the peaceful waves, lunch underneath thatch-roof tent underneath the palms, or rent an Associate in Nursing stabilizer for excursions on the water.

Elafonissi Beach, Crete, Greece

Elafonissi Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. Situated on the island of Crete, it is known for its unique pink sand and crystal-clear waters.

The beach is a protected nature reserve and home to a wide variety of wildlife. Visitors can find a number of restaurants and cafes in the vicinity, as well as a number of shops selling souvenirs and beach items.

Elafonissi Beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Greece.

Nungwi Beach, Tanzania

Nungwi Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Tanzania. This idyllic spot on the Indian Ocean is known for its white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, and coral reefs. It’s no wonder that Nungwi is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, go for a swim, or explore the local marine life, Nungwi Beach is the perfect place for you. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know about this gorgeous beach.

Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii

Hanalei Bay is a stunning bay located on the north shore of Kauai in Hawaii. The bay is two miles long and is surrounded by lush mountains and cliffs. Hanalei Bay is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. The waves here square measure light and excellent for beginners

If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Hawaii, Hanalei Bay is the perfect spot for you.

Goa Beach

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Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Perhaps the foremost known beach within the world, glam Copacabana Beach has on the subject of everything going for it: 3 miles of wonderful golden sand, a party-like vibration, and a blinding skyline of jagged mountains and art movement and modernist design. Even the beach avenue, a swirly black-and-white mosaic style by designer Roberto Burke Marx, may be a visual knockout. The beach acts as the city's social hub (especially on weekends), with locals sunbathing, promenading, and taking part in volleyball, and vendors mercantilism everything from popsicles and shrimp skewers to caipirinhas and cold brew age. Copy's glory days could also be behind it (LeBron and Panama square measure chicer "it spots"), however the vintage attractiveness is a component of its charm.

Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia

Cape LE Grand National Park is home to many distinct beaches and bays, every one stunning and quintessentially Australian. The Grand Coastal path winds through scrubby heath and rocky bluffs, visiting red region Bay (where granite boulders, clear blue water, associate degree an arcing beach type fantastic scenery) and Lucky Bay (the website of a number of the world's whitest sand). For a wide read, hike the 1.5-mile, wildflower-strewn Frenchman Peak path.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

A large one,350 miles of liberation, grant Florida a number of the foremost stunning beaches within the U.S., if not the planet. Clearwater Beach is staggeringly common for its headlining virtue, however powdery white sands, flame-colored sunsets, and sensational weather year-round area unit different massive perks. It is not out of the norm to identify dolphins leap over the water and pelicans hanging out with the fishermen on Pier sixty. If a prospect from all that Florida sunshine is so as, visit the ocean turtles, stingrays, and penguins at Clearwater Marine Museum.

Sotavento Beach, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

While Fuerteventura is wildly overdeveloped in components, Solvent is the remedy to the island's brassy, settled beach resorts. Its 17-mile span contains very little, however golden dunes, vast sandy beach, and rolling teal waves. Reliable trade winds dimple the desert-meets-ocean landscape with immense tide pools and low-tide lagoons. The windy conditions and year-round heat water create Solvent heaven for swimming, surfing, kiteboarding, and Hobin Cat sailing.

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Truly stunning beaches tend to be remote-island destinations away from urban buzz. A giant exception is Camps Bay Beach, right in a vivacious metropolis. Backed by painting Table Mountain, the beach offers an enormous expanse of feathery sand and delightful blue water. there are masses on faucet within the mother town on the far side sun and surf: exploring the cobbled streets and colourful facades within the Bodleian neighborhood, hiking or riding the aerial cable way to the highest of Cape Town's noted topped mountain, and attempt Chapman's Peak, the nightmarish ocean drive through rocky cliffs tumbling into the Atlantic. Safaris, noted vineyards, whale-watching, and shark-diving all create straightforward day visits.

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